Manage your workplace
the smart way

With the Zens Desk Management System as occupancy reporting tool, you gather insights on how your office space is being used. The Zens Smart PuK, our built-in wireless charger, in combination with a motion sensor beneath each desk enables you to measure, learn, anticipate and optimize.

Details of Zens Smart office functions

Accurate insights

The Zens dashboard provides real-time, accurate insights in actual desk or workspace usage. This accuracy is a result of our top notch motion sensor beneath each desk, without the need for active phone use, active use of the wireless charger or an active opt-in.


Easy to use…

Desk occupancy data are collected and displayed in the Zens Desk Management Dashboard, providing the following insights and functions:

  • See occupancy ratios of your complete office(s), location(s), specific floors, zones, departments and types of workspaces in real-time and over  periods of time. Learn, anticipate. optimize and save.
  • Data is displayed in easy to understand graphs. Combined with the display of actual map(s) of your workplace(s) and office lay-out, the data is ease to interpret.


Easy to optimize

  • Help your co-workers to easily find an available workspace. The map of your office lay-out with real-time occupancy data can easily be displayed at your narrow casting screens.
  • Anticipate on low occupancy days and save on facility costs by  blocking specific workspaces, zones or floors, turning these workspaces into a RED zone.
  • Use your insights for fact based decision making and cost savings, for example on rent, energy, catering and cleaning.


Blue circle Zens Workcharge

Intuitive user interaction

With its coloured LED cover, the Zens Smart PuK Visual visually interacts with your co-workers. 

When a workspace is in use, the LED cover will blink GREEN, providing a subtle vitality nudge when it’s time for a little exercise. RED means the workspace is blocked or occupied (which can be managed in the Zens Dashboard), and BLUE means the desk has been used, so needs cleaning.


Charge your devices quicker with the Aluminium Series

Ultimate freedom

Zens can offer a wireless charging solution for any space, whether it’s your office, a coffee corner, meeting area, your restaurant or a social space.

Keep your phone or ear pods fully charged during the day by simply placing it on the Zens (Smart) PuK. It’s that simple.

No more messy wires or annoying cables. Just intuitive, user-friendly, super convenient technology.



Do you want to have a smart office?

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