AirPods chargers

Zens Dual Wireless Charger
Liberty Wireless Charger Glass with iphone

Fully charged Airpods

The best wireless chargers for your AirPods. Enjoy the freedom of our AirPods wireless charging solutions. No wireless charging case? No worries. Check out our line of AirPods chargers for wired cases. All Qi certified, so you can safely charge your AirPods whenever you like. Even at night.


Dual wireless charger with iPhone and Airpods

AirPods wireless charging

We like to hit the right note when it comes to wireless charging. That is why all our wireless chargers are compatible with your wireless AirPods charging case. Just put your case with AirPods on our charger and let the power flow.

Plus you will no longer have to endure messy wires, cheap plastics or questionable technology. Don’t stop the music.

Zens Aluminium USB C stick for AirPods connected to MacBook

AirPods Single USB-C Charger

Looking for a small charger to wirelessly charge your AirPods and nothing more? A charger you can take with you wherever you go? Something which can be used on your Macbook or other device with a USB-C port?

Look no further. Our AirPods Single USB-C Charger is the lightweight champion when it comes to wireless charging. This small and portable charger will charge your AirPods in no time.

Apple Watch Charger with other Apple devices

Multiple device chargers

Why charge only one device at once? Your AirPods charger is just the beginning. With our wireless chargers you can easily charge up to 4 devices at the same time. Charge your Apple Watch, your iPhone, your iPad and your AirPods at the same time. Convenience is here.

Stand + Dock wireless charger with Airpods

AirPods wired charging case

Don’t own a wireless charging case? We got your back. Check out our charging docks that charge both AirPods 1 and 2. This way you can charge your AirPods via the lightning connection port (MFi certified). Plus, you can also wirelessly charge your phone or smartwatch on the same charging station. Convenience in a small pack.

MagSafe chargers

MagSafe chargers

Attached to your phone? So is our MagSafe wireless charger. You easily connect your iPhone 12 serie or iPhone 13 serie to the MagSafe charger and it starts charging. Plus you will also have space to charge your AirPods, another phone or even your Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch chargers

Apple Watch chargers

It is about time we would introduce you to our Apple Watch chargers. The built-in Apple Watch module is compatible with all Apple Watch series. These wireless chargers are a perfect solution for you nightstand or desk.

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iPhone wireless chargers

iPhone wireless chargers

Your iPhone deserves quality when it comes to charging. No more messy wires, no cheap plastics and no questionable technology. With our Qi certified chargers you can safely charge your iPhone, even at night. One charging dock for all your Apple devices.

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Charge your phone and airpods while working at home

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Frequently asked questions

    Don’t have a wireless charging case for you AirPods, but still want to have a wireless charging station that also charges your AirPods? We have a combined solution that can charge your AirPods via lightning connection and a second or even third device wirelessly. Check out our AirPods lightning chargers.

    Products using the Qi standard must be tested rigorously to help ensure safety, interoperability and energy efficiency. Only products that have passed these independent laboratory tests can use the Qi logo and are considered “Qi-certified”.

    It might be. Wireless chargers must obey several safety measures. Wireless chargers that are not Qi-certified may not have implemented all mandatory and necessary safety features. As such, they may get hot and damage phones or other products placed on the charger. For example, a metal coin might, if the detection metal objects does not work properly, get very hot and even cause skin burn.

    MFi-certified stand for “Made for iPhone” certified. Apple has developed a testing program that tests whether cables from other manufacturers work well with Apple products. Products that test well are safe for your Apple device and therefore receive MFI certification. Our Apple Watch chargers are for instance MFi-certified and contain an official MFi chip. This way you can be sure your device will be charged safely.

    Learn more about MFi certification