PuK Series

PuK 3 Built-in Wireless Surface Charger side view

Turns tables into chargers

Turn almost any flat surface into a wireless charging spot with the PuK-series. Add an extra dimension to your furniture by integrating wireless charging.

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Fully integrate your office

A simple yet intelligent solution using our wireless chargers to find free desks as well as quickly locate colleagues. Our PuK wireless chargers can be seamlessly built into office furniture and the covers can be visible, hidden or display a customised logo.

Charging Deloitte’s sustainable office

In 2008, Deloitte set out to create an optimal working environment for both employees and visitors by establishing the most sustainable office building in the world. Together with a range of collaborating partners, including Zens, Deloitte succeeded and created The Edge, Amsterdam. Open since 2015, this innovative, technological building now inspires environmental and social economic change in major cities worldwide.

Fully charged and connected

Inside Deloitte’s Head Office at The Edge, all 1000 desks are equipped with Zens wireless chargers to keep smartphones fully charged and connected. Ahrend, one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers, seamlessly integrated Zens wireless chargers into all office desks and helped raise the benchmark of smart, durable office furniture.

Smarter working

Deloitte’s motto is ‘smarter working’ (het nieuwe werken), so not everyone has a fixed desk at The Edge. Instead, all desks are connected with Zens wireless technology and all employees have a smartphone that can be charged wirelessly at any desk, at any given time.

Wireless charging is both efficient and intuitive. Charging automatically stops when the device is fully charged (a feature which is not available in 99% of available adapters).

Zens McDonnalds

Customise your cover

Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on Zens wireless technology. Whatever your business, Zens wireless chargers can be built into virtually anywhere; office furniture, retail surfaces, transport, hospitality, lifestyle and home products. The covers can either be visible or hidden – it’s up to you –  you even can display a customised logo on the cover to help strengthen your business’s branding.