Freedom to charge at home

With Zens built-in wireless chargers, you can turn homes and furniture into power sources and liberate your customers from messy wires and overloaded sockets. Your customers can charge their smartphones on their kitchen worktops while cooking dinner. Recharge their smartwatch on their desk while they work and charge their EarPods on their bedside table as they sleep. Zens can turn virtually any surface into a charger.

Zens furniture wireless charging

The future of furniture

Zens empowers everyone to future-proof their furniture and their homes, by seamlessly integrating wireless charging technology into and under virtually any surface (except steel).

By integrating Zens wireless chargers into kitchen worktops, bedroom furniture, sofas, coffee tables, home office desks, tables, cupboards even wardrobes, devices can be charged without even thinking about it and homes can remain free of messy wires and tangled cables. Zens furniture is where design, innovation, technology and homes meet.

Kitchens powered by Zens

The heart of the home can easily be transformed into an innovative wireless charging space. With Zens in-built chargers seamlessly integrated into kitchen worktops, islands, tables, furniture and countertops, you can add extra convenience and enhance efficiency in the most used and lived-in room in the house. Whether your kitchen is custom-built or an off-the shelf design, with Zens wireless technology, form and function gets even more functional.

Turn your furniture into chargers

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