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Zens Built-in Wireless Charger
Built-in charger with iPhone 12

Add wireless charging to your desk or table

Turn almost any flat surface into a wireless charging spot with our PuK built-in wireless chargers. Add an extra dimension to your furniture by integrating wireless charging.

All you need is an 8mm hole for perfect integration. The PuK charger comes with a power adapter and a two-meter long cable.

Built-in charger instructions

Built-in charger for your nightstand

You can have a built-in charger for your desk or for your table. But most of the time you will need a charger at the end of the day, when your phone gave it all.

Integrate the PuK built-in charger in your nightstand and never wake up with an empty phone ever again. Just put your phone on your nightstand charger and go to sleep.

invisible desk charger

Invisible under the desk wireless charger

We also offer built-in wireless chargers that can be placed underneath the surface of your furniture. This way you will not see the charger.

Important: in order to install such a solution the help of a carpentier is advised. The wireless charger needs to be built in at 3 mm below the surface in order for it to work efficiently.

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Fast charge with built-in charger

Fast charging results in shorter charging times. In order to use fast charging, you need a mobile device and a wireless charger that supports fast charge. 

Our built-in chargers support both Apple Fast Charge (7.5W needed) and Samsung Fast Charge (9W needed).

Business solutions

Enter the office of the future

Efficiently manage your office. Gather data from every workspace and provide insights about office occupancy. Or where to reduce cost. Smart office solutions combined with built-in wireless charging.

Office solutions
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Reliable and safe with Qi

Qi sets the standard for safety when it comes to wireless chargers. The Qi certification is governed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The WPC is a group of leading companies that cooperate in continuously defining, maintaining and developing the Qi standard for wireless charging.

As a proud member of the WPC, we are offering built-in wireless chargers with the latest technology and safety standards. With a Zens charger you can always safely charge your device, even at night.

Zens Built-in Wireless Charger

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Frequently asked questions

    All of our built-in wireless chargers are easy to install yourself. The way this can be done depends on the built-in charger you have:

    1. Built-in charger 10W / Built-in charger 15W: The only thing you need to do is drill a 8mm hole in the surface where you want to place the charger. This can be your desk, nightstand or other piece of furniture. The power cord will fit through this hole and the charging pad (which is just 5mm thin) rests on the surface with adhesive tape.
    2. PuK wireless surface chargers: To install the PuK surface chargers you will need to drill a 80mm hole in the surface where you want to place the charger. After placing the charger in the hole, you need to mount the charger with the included 2 screws (at the bottom of the surface).
    3. PuK wireless invisible chargers: Our PuK 3, PuK 2 and PuK 2 Base can also be installed as invisible chargers. In order to install such a solution the help of a carpentier is advised. The wireless charger needs to be built in with a 80mm hole at 3 mm below the surface in order for it to work efficiently.

    Our built-in chargers are designed to fit the needs of both consumers and businesses. Therefore we have a broad selection of built-in chargers. These can be categorized into 8 categories:

    1. Fast charge: Fast charging (also known as quick charge) charges the battery faster by increasing the charging power (≥ 10W). This results in shorter charging times.
    2. Surface charger: Wirelessly charge your devices on the surface of the wireless charger. The wireless charger will be placed on top of your furniture, resulting in a small disk on top of your furniture (max 5mm height).
    3. Sub-surface charger (invisible): Wirelessly charge your devices directly on the surface of your furniture. The charger cannot be seen on top of your furniture.
    4. Large coil: a large coil increases the charging radius, meaning that you won’t have to struggle to find ‘the sweet spot’ like with most wireless charging pads.
    5. Aluminium body: The wireless charger has a strong and lightweight aluminium body. Good for additional durability and office usage.
    6. Silent / Active mode: possibility to de-activate the sound the charger makes when a devices is connected succesfully to the charger. It might b useful to use silent mode in your bedroom or in hotels. However, this function can only be switched once in our production process. Check out our wireless charger business solutions.
    7. Upgradable: Some of our wireless chargers can be upgraded with a Smart Charging solution (iBeacon or Internet of Things). This is convenient for office usage when you want to track which charger is being used. Check out our wireless charger business solutions.
    8. Adapter included: a power cord is included to connect the wireless charger to a wall outlet.


    How many watts you need mostly depends on what your phone or device can handle and when or how you want to use the charger. Do you want the fastest charger possible to fast charge your device? In most cases a 10W charger or 15W charger will suffice, as the maximum amount of Watts for fast charge is capped by smartphone manufacturers. For Apple Fast Charge this is 7,5W and for Samsung Fast Charge this is 9W. Make sure your phone actually support fast charge such as Apple Fast Charge or Samsung Fast Charge. If you want to charge your device at night, a 5W charger will also suffice.

    Some phones and wireless chargers support fast charging. With fast wireless charging, the battery is simply charged faster by increasing the charging power. This results in shorter charging times.

    Yes, you do not need to remove your case before charging. All Zens wireless chargers work with most lightweight cases (< 3 mm). Just to be sure, it is recommended to take phone cases with metal lining off before charging.