Wireless powerbanks

Zens dual Powerbank
Watching the game with your Powerbank

Recharge on the go

With our wireless powerbanks you can recharge your phone while on the go. Compatible with Apple, Samsung and all other Qi certified devices.

New! Do you have an iPhone 12 series or iPhone 13 series smartphone? Check out our new MagSafe powerbanks.

Magnetic Powerbank with iPhone 13

Qi wireless powerbanks

Whether you are looking for a wireless power bank for iPhone or a wireless powerbank for Samsung, our range of power banks keep you charged while on the road. They are compatible with all Qi certified devices, so you can even share them with your travel companion.

Powerpack with magnetic connection

MagSafe Powerbanks


The range of innovative MagSafe compatible powerbanks have a magnetic MagSafe connection to keep your MagSafe compatible device in place while charging. They keep your devices charged at all times, whether you are enjoying a picnic at the park or are on your way to work. Enjoy the freedom to charge wherever you go and stay connected.

Powerbank with adhesive grip connected to iPhone Xs

Attached without MagSafe

Don’t have an iPhone with MagSafe? But still want a powerbank that is attached to your phone while charging? We have the solution. Our powerbank with adhesive grip is designed to provide efficient single device charging. The embedded adhesive grip keeps your phone in place while it is being charged. Perfect while traveling or on the go.

Wireless powerbank can be used while on the go

Always connected

An adhesive grip, the anti-slip finish or MagSafe connection keeps your device in place while charging. Simply put your device on top of the Zens powerbank and charging starts automatically. With a battery capacity from 4000 – 10.000 mAh there is enough power to recharge your phone from 1,5 up to 4 times.

ZEPP04M - Magnetic Single Powerpack With Stand 10000 mAh floating devices

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Frequently asked questions

    Yes you can. We have 2 power banks that charge multiple device at the same time:

    1. Magnetic dual power bank: a small power bank that magentically stick to your MagSafe compatible device while charging. A second device can be charged on the back of the power bank (not magnetically). This power bank also includes a flexible stand which can be used in portrait and landscape position. Perfect if you’d like to watch a movie while traveling.
    2. Dual wireless power bank: wirelessly charge 2 devices simultaneously on this power bank. You can even charge up to 4 devices: 2 wirelessly and 2 via the USB-ports on the back of the power bank.

    mAh stand for milliampere per hour and is used to indicate what the capacity of a battery is. In other words it shows how much energy a battery stores.

    So how does this work with power banks? The battery in your phone has a maximum battery capacity (mAh). A battery of a power bank also has a maximum capacity of energy it can store and transmit to your phone or other device – also put in mAh. This way you can check whether a power bank you are purchasing has enough energy to charge your phone once, twice or more often.

    Example: our 4000mAh magnetic powerbank can charge an iPhone 13 fully (3095mAh) and an iPhone 12 around one and a half times (2815 mAh). Not enough mAh? Check out our 10.000mAh magnetic powerbank.