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Social Distancing

Through the coloured LED ring on the wireless charger, desks that are not to be used to secure proper distancing, can be turned into red by the facility managers, reducing the number of available desks for employees. Through the smart detection method, adherence to the blocked-desk policy can be monitored and reported such to understand people behaviour better.

Analytics weergave dashboard

Insights and efficiency

Next to the so-called policy adherence, the dashboard provides insights in actual desk usage with unprecedented accuracy. This accuracy is a result of the included desk sensor with automatic device detection in the proximity of the charger, without the need for active phone use or an active opt-in. Based on this reliable data, real desk occupancy is displayed, used of allowed and blocked spaces are analysed as well as most favourable working spaces can be detected. To keep the building safe and effective, a cleaning mode is activated at day end, turning all used desks into a blue colour, enabling a more effective cleaning routine.

Inbouwlader met blauw gekleurde led ring

Workplace control and communication

Due to the coloured LED ring of the charger, clear communication with the office user is possible. Blocked desks can me marked RED by the facility manager or are reserved desk through the app by an office user. Green desks are free to use, blue marked ring means the desk been used to help enhance the overall office hygiene.

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Comfort and Flexibility for Employees

With the Zens app the user can for instance reserve desks and find location of colleagues. Due to collaboration with leading furniture manufacturers, automatic desk hight settings are available by just tapping the phone on the charger. No log in is needed nor the use of a special APP.

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Charge anywhere for ultimate flexibility

Beyond desk mounted chargers and smart office solutions, the vast range of wireless chargers offers a suitable solution for any space. Whether it is a coffee corner, a meeting area, your restaurant or a social space, Zens has the right charger for the job!

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