Zens Desk Management: workspace occupancy insights and lifting your workplace experience!


With the Zens Desk Management System workspace occupancy insights are gathered. A fact-based starting point to optimize the effectiveness of your workplace, reduce (facility) costs and increase the employee experience.  All at once!

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Work Dynamics

Mastering new dynamics at the workplace

As a Facility-, Workplace-, Human Resource- or Real Estate Manager you want to get the most out of your workplace and people. You are keen on optimizing your space utilization and office lay out, and you keep looking for ways to improve the employee experience and engagement to keep talent attracted. And lastly, there is the need for cost and footprint reduction.

The Zens Desk Management System facilitates you in fact based business decision making. And the fun part: your co-workers benefit from extra convenience at the workplace through wireless charging. Win-win. 

Gather insights. Anticipate. Optimize.

The Zens Desk Management System is a workspace occupancy reporting tool that provides highly accurate real-time and historical insights on how your workspaces are being used throughout the day, day after day. Insights as a basis for fact-based business decision making!


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Save & Optimize

Anticipate on the data and optimize your workplace lay-out by adding types of workspaces that are in high demand or reduce the ones that are used less often. Realize substantial cost savings in rent, facility costs (such as cleaning), energy, etc. and reduce your carbon footprint.

And not to forget; optimize your employee experience by providing wireless charging at each workspace. People no longer need to bring charging cables to the office or need to worry about running out of battery power. Empowering freedom!

The results: fact-based decision making, more productive work days for your co-workers, an improved employee experience and cost effectiveness.





Use the Desk Management Dashboard to monitor the use of different types of workplaces and spaces.

Zens Dashboard


Use the occupancy insights for fact-based business decision making.

Smart Office Management
Save and Optimize

Save and Optimize

Improved workplace effectiveness, employee experience and cost reduction.

Cost Efficient Cleaning
Zens at Just Eat Takeaway.com

Learn from others, like Just Eat Takeaway.com

Discover how easy the Zens Desk Management System is to implement and use! Read how Just Eat Takeaway.com in Amsterdam is using our solution at their head office to get more out of their workplace and to reduce facility costs.

it works

In each desk or workspace a Zens Smart PuK is integrated: a built-in wireless charger with a top notch Zens motion. This motion sensor collects real-time, anonymous occupancy data, which are unlocked in the Zens Dashboard. The Zens Smart PuK is available in different types and built-in options.

The Zens motion sensor beneath each desk collects real-time and historical anonymous occupancy data, which are unlocked in the intuitive Zens Dashboard. Data are turned into insights and become a basis for fact-based workplace optimization and business decision making.

The Zens Desk Management System is a solution that works without using your organization’s IT or Wifi network, because it uses NB-IoT technology from Vodafone. No extra costs for gateways or routers and maximum safety! No barriers!


PuK Led Green

Relevant convenience

With the Zens Smart PuK Visual in every workplace, employees can easily charge their phone or earpods wirelessly. No more battery stress, no longer searching for cables during the day and no longer carrying adapters from one workspace to another.

With an average use of 75%, the Zens wireless charging as part of the Zens Desk Management System by Vodafone is a relevant and proven functionality at the workplace.

Intuitive visual interaction

Next to extra convenience, the Zens Smart PuK Visual also interacts with your co-workers. When a workspace is in use, the LED ring of the Zens Smart PuK Visual will blink GREEN, providing a subtle vitality nudge when it’s time for a little exercise. RED means the workspace is blocked or occupied, and BLUE means the desk has been used, so needs cleaning.

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