Smart for the Facility Manager and end user!

The Zens Desk Management System makes every workspace smart! Combining wireless charging with collecting anonymous workspace occupancy data enables you to anticipate, optimize and reduce! That’s smart!

"The future workplace must be worth the trip"

Research shows that social connection is one of the main reasons for hybrid workers to go to the office. And yes, that office must seamlessly respond to their needs. To collaborate and to be productive. In short; the trip to the office must be worth it. The Zens Desk Management System helps you to create such a workplace.

Turn Data into Insights

Zens makes every workplace smart. Our integrated wireless chargers with top-notch motion sensors collect anonymous data on workspace occupancy. This data is gathered from specific workstations, zones, and entire buildings, in real time and historically.

The intuitive Zens Dashboard transforms this data into valuable insights. With the Zens Dashboard, you can:

  • Gain real-time and historical insights into your office occupancy data
  • Discover which workstations are popular and which are less popular
  • Optimize the (perceived) workplace occupancy rate and design the office based on actual needs
  • Identify trends in the use of your office and workspaces
  • Use data for data-driven facility management, energy management, and real estate management

Reduce & Optimise

Of course, it is possible to reduce costs based on the data. For example, if you know which workspaces are not used for a day, they do not need to be cleaned, which reduces cleaning costs. By anticipating the data, you can also reduce costs on energy, catering, and rent.

But the data can also be used to clean smarter, for example, with a better deployment of human capital.

There’s more: The Zens Desk Management System also helps you improve the workplace experience. For example, you can (re)design the workplace based on actual needs. And with wireless charging, you add extra convenience: fewer cables, less hassle, and better digital connectivity!



Use the Desk Management Dashboard to monitor the use of different types of workplaces and spaces.

Zens Dashboard


Use the occupancy data for fact-based business decision making.

Smart Office Management
Save and Optimize

Save and Optimize

Improved workplace effectiveness, employee experience and cost reduction.

Cost Efficient Cleaning

Smart & Sustainable

The Zens Desk Management System is also a choice for sustainability:

  • More sustainable facility, building, and energy management by anticipating actual workspace occupancy.
  • Smarter cleaning: Why clean 1,000 workspaces when only 200 are used that day?
  • Reduction of e-waste due to the need for fewer charging cables and adapters.
  • Zens sensors work with a fixed power point, eliminating the need for batteries and therefore maintenance.

Connectivity and Vitality

A vital workplace is a productive workplace. The built-in wireless chargers contribute to this. Fewer cables, more convenience, more focus. They also facilitate optimal digital connectivity.

The optional LED ring as part of the wireless charger can communicate with the user using color signals. The GREEN signal stimulates micro-breaks when working in the same position for a long time. A subtle vitality nudge, because we know: vitality is best improved by small, practical triggers.

Other optional color signals are BLUE (workspace is used, for smart cleaning) and RED (workspace unavailable). Now that’s smart!

No barriers!

The Zens Desk Management System is an easy way to make your office smart, without using your organization’s IT or Wi-Fi network. Because we use Vodafone’s (or Telenor’s) Narrow Band-IoT technology – a SIM card – implementation is very simple. This also means that there are no additional costs for gateways or routers and that maximum security is guaranteed. Easy as that!

The Zens Desk Management System can be used as a stand-alone platform. Integration with existing or other smart building platforms is also possible. In short: no barriers!

Zens at Just Eat

Learn from Just Eat

Discover how easy the Zens Desk Management System can be implemented and used! Read how Just Eat in Amsterdam is using our solution at their head offices to get more out of their workplace and to reduce facility costs.

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The benefits

The benefits of the Zens Desk Management System at a glance:

  • Real-time insights into workplace occupancy
  • Data-driven policy and decision making
  • Easy and secure to implement without Wi-Fi or network integration
  • Reduced costs and footprint
  • Improved sustainability
  • Improved flexibility and workplace experience
  • Stimulates vitality and productivity

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