Cost efficient cleaning

Visual, intelligent communication

With Zens Desk Management it becomes easy to reduce on facility costs, such as cleaning.

With each Zens Smart PuK Visual -a combination of a built-in wireless charger and a top notch motion sensor- the occupancy of workspaces is measured in real-time.

Thanks to the LED Cover, each Smart PuK can visually communicate with your co-workers and cleaning staff on the spot. Workspaces that have been used during the day automatically display a blue LED-ring. This clearly shows your cleaning staff  which desks need cleaning, and which do not. The result is a win-win: a better use of human capital and cost reduction.

Clean, colourful & unlimited

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational, you can keep your co-workers fully charged and connected by simply integrating a Zens wireless charger into your office desks, workspaces or other pieces of furniture. Unlimited smart desks, locations or floors can be added at any time and the gathered occupancy data can either be viewed on the Zens dashboard or can be API-integrated in other smart building platforms.

No more messy wires

Improve the employee experience and save on costs by providing your co-workers a wireless charger at each workspace so they can easily charge their phone or earpods wirelessly. Keep devices charged during the day by simply placing it on the Smart PuK. It’s that simple.

In addition, as cables and adapters less often need to be replaced, you can save on costs significantly. And to make it even better, this also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. 

With an average use of 75%, the Zens wireless charging as part of the Zens Desk Management System is a relevant and proven functionality at the workplace.

No more messy wires or annoying cables. Just intuitive, user-friendly, super convenient technology.

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