Freedom to recharge your guests

Zens’ built-in wireless chargers offer a universal charging solution for all conventional  smartphones and devices. Enabling your guests to stay powered up and connected was never that easy. 

Zens wireless charging technology can transform virtually any space or surface into a charger. Liberated from wires, your customers can freely work, scroll, chat, message and share more than ever before.

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Increase guest experience with wireless charging

Give guests more freedom of movement so they can fully stay connected and enjoy your accommodation with a charged phone. Integrate wireless charging in strategic locations such as hotel rooms, meeting spaces, as well as areas where you want guests to linger longer, such as the restaurant, bar, or lobby. This allows guests to stay effortlessly connected throughout their stay.

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Guests stay longer if they can charge

We all appreciate technology that simplifies our lives, and guests are no exception. Access to electricity is often a key factor when choosing a restaurant, and people prefer to stay longer in establishments where they can easily charge their mobile devices.

That’s why they are drawn to places where they can stay charged and connected without the hassle of messy wires or piles of cables. Guests can charge their phones simply by placing them on a table, surface, or bench, allowing them to work or relax effortlessly with friends and family.

Zens Nightstand Charger Pro 2

For every application

Zens’ wireless chargers can be integrated or placed almost anywhere: on restaurant tables, the bar, nightstands, meeting rooms or hotel rooms, lobbies, waiting areas, and much more. Both built-in and stand-alone options are available.

For built-in products, you can choose to visibly integrate the charger with a top cover, possibly customized with your logo or brand colors, or opt for invisible integration for a sleeker look.

In addition to built-in products, the Nightstand Charger Pro 2 is a perfect solution for hotel rooms, ensuring your guests wake up fully charged. Discover our entire stand chargers here.

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The benefits of wireless charging

Tidy spaces
Integrated wireless chargers eliminate visible cables and wires. The result? Clean, tidy rooms and spaces that look more organized.

Ultimate convenience
The ultimate convenience for your guests to stay charged and connected. Wireless charging is universally usable for most devices, adding that extra touch.

One more, please
By offering the convenience of wireless charging, guests are inclined to stay a little longer and order that extra cup of coffee or drink. They stay fully charged, and you benefit from the extra revenue.

Charging McDonald’s

Everyday McDonald’s restaurants are populated by millions of people and their mobile devices, so to make life easier for their customers and to provide an elevated experience, McDonald’s integrated wireless chargers into every table, turning them all into invisible power sources.

McDonald’s restaurants across Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and The United States are equipped with wireless charging hotspots. Zens is expanding that number even further by future-proofing tables with wireless charging technology.

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