Zens hospitality freedom

Freedom to recharge your guests

With Zens seamlessly integrated in your bar, restaurant, cafe or hotel, your guests can stay connected and charged at all times. Zens wireless charging technology can transform virtually any space or surface into a charger. Liberated from wires, your customers can freely work, scroll, chat, message and share more than ever before.

Built-in charger with iPhone 12

Get guests to use the facilities more

Give your guests more freedom of movement, so they make more use of the facilities your establishment has to offer. Integrate wireless charging where convenience is essential, such as in the hotel room and conference rooms and in places where you would like your guests to spend more time, such as the restaurant, the bar, or the lobby. This way, your guests can easily stay connected during their stay.

Zens hospitality guests

Guests stay longer in your hotel or cafe

We all value technology that makes our lives easier and guests are no different. Therefore, access to electricity is often a reason to visit a restaurant and they tend to stay longer in places where they can easily charge their mobile devices. That’s why they tend to stay for longer in places where they can always remain charged and connected. No messy wires or mountains of cables needed. Guests can recharge their phone by simply placing it down on a table, surface or sofa, while they get on with life or just relax.

Zens hospitality charge at McDonnalds

Charging McDonald’s

Everyday McDonald’s restaurants are populated by millions of people and their mobile devices, so to make life easier for their customers and to provide an elevated experience, McDonald’s integrated wireless chargers into every table, turning them all into invisible power sources.

McDonald’s restaurants across Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom and The United States are equipped with wireless charging hotspots. Zens is expanding that number even further by future-proofing tables with wireless charging technology.

Zens hospitality Mcdonnalds

Customised charging spots

Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on Zens wireless technology. Whatever your business, Zens wireless chargers can be built into virtually anywhere; restaurant tables, bar tops, nightstands, desks in meeting rooms, lobby areas, waiting areas and many more. You can choose to have a visible charging cover or have it seamlessly integrated into the surface, so it becomes hidden. You can also display a personalized logo on the cover.

Wireless charging in your business?

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