Liberty Series

Liberty glass

Freedom to live liberated

With the Liberty Series wireless chargers you can be free of messy wires, multiple chargers and overloaded sockets. You can simplify your home and set free your devices. Plus, the Liberty wireless chargers are the sort of chargers that you want people to see.

liberty samsung apple watch Sonos

Freedom of placement

Never again struggle to find ‘the sweet spot’ like with most wireless charging pads. Simply place your devices on the Liberty and go about your business. You don’t have to worry if your device is being charged. Freedom of placement due to its 16 overlapping coils.

iPhone, airpods and apple watch charger on liberty wireless charger

Never hide your charger again

The Liberty Series chargers come in two breathtaking versions. Want to show everyone what is under the hood of your charger? Go for the Liberty Glass with a see-through tempered glass surface, revealing the 16 copper coils. Or go for another sophisticated look with the Liberty charger topped with high-quality woolen upholstery textile Atlas by Kvadrat (90% wool)

Limited edition glass surface

Add the additional Apple Watch USB charger

16 charging coils for freedom of placement

Sleek high grade aluminium shell
Liberty glass with devices
Liberty series
Fast Charge

Wireless fast charging

All Liberty wireless chargers support Apple Fast Charge and Samsung Fast Charge. With fast charge (also know as quick charge) your smartphone will be charged in the blink of an eye.

Liberty Wireless charger with iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch

Multi charging station

One charger for all your devices. Charge your smartphone, AirPods, Galaxy Buds, Apple Watch or even your Sonos Roam on our Liberty chargers.

The Liberty chargers are a 3-in-1 wireless charging solution. You can charge two devices on the charging surface. And via the USB-A port you can connect an Apple Watch stick. With this Apple Watch charger you can charge your watch. Or use the USB port to charge another device.

ZEDC09G - Zens Liberty 16-Coils Wireless Charger Front Side View

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Frequently asked questions

    The Liberty wireless chargers can be extended with an Apple Watch charger. The USB-A port on the Liberty charger can be used to plug in an Apple Watch USB-stick. Convenient since you can also use the Apple Watch charger in your laptop or other USB-A supported device, to charge your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch USB-stick is MFi-certified (Made for iPhone), meaning that this charger will always safely charge your Apple Watch. Check out the USB-A Apple watch charger.

    Most wireless chargers only have 1 charging coil. This means that you have to make sure your phone is aligned with the charging coil to start charging. This is no problem if you just pay attention when placing your phone on a charger. If you want freedom of placement, without paying attention if your phone is aligned with the charger, you should choose a charger with more coils. You will get a bit more freedom of placement with our 5 coils dual charger. If you want ultimate freedom of placement you have to check out our Liberty wireless chargers that pack a whopping 16 coils.

    With our Liberty 16 coils wireless chargers or the 5 coil dual charger you will have ultimate freedom of placement. This means you will never again have to struggle to find “the sweet spot” like with most wireless charging pads. Simply place your devices on the charger and go about your business. You do not have to worry if your device is making a connection with the charging coils since there are so many. That way your device will always be charged.

    Yes, you do not need to remove your case before charging. All Zens wireless chargers work with most lightweight cases (< 3 mm). Just to be sure, it is recommended to take phone cases with metal lining off before charging.