Empowering Just Eat Takeaway.com

Zens at Just Eat Takeaway.com

Insights combined with convenience

Headquartered in the city centre of Amsterdam, through their online food delivery platform Just Eat Takeaway.com connects consumers in more than 20 countries with over 680,000 restaurant partners.
Their office is a lot more than a smart and fun place to work.

Zens has provided a solution that is a great example of how (smart) wireless charging contributes to the smart workplace, offering convenience as well as relevant insights for Facility Management and Real Estate.

Zens Desk Management at Just Eat Takeaway.con

The Zens solution

Like a dinner table, Just Eat Takeaway.com brings their colleagues together at their offices, building a community. Looking for smart and fact-based ways to manage their workspaces most effectively and to continuously optimize the office facilities, the Zens Desk Management System with a Smart PuK Visual (a built-in PuK wireless charger plus a motion sensor) at each workspace have been implemented. This provides a few benefits:

• The actual usage and occupancy of each workspace is measured in real-time. The Zens dashboard provides relevant insights, which are a source for fact-based business decision making and enable Facility Management and Real Estate to optimize the office set up.

• Workspaces that are used, will light up at the end of the day. Cleaning staff can easily recognize which workspaces need cleaning, and which do not. Cost efficient and most of all, a better use of human capital.

• Next to the convenience of wireless charging, the coloured led-rings enable Just Eat Takeaway.com-colleagues to easily find an available workspace. In addition, when a workspace is in use, the led-ring gives a subtle vitality trigger when it’s time for a little exercise.

Zens Desk Management and wireless charging at Just Eat Takeaway.com

View from our customer

“Easy and barrier-free to install with a secure NB-IoT network integration, the insights on workspace use provided by the Zens Desk Management System are of great value to us. In line with our philosophy to build workplace facilities around the user -our colleagues- we already have used the data to optimize our office set up as well as for business decision making. The extra convenience for our colleagues by offering wireless charging at each workspot is a nice extra feature as part of the experience we like to offer. In Zens we have found a partner to explore further opportunities for workspace optimization.”

Maarten Westland
Facilities Project Manager
Just Eat Takeaway.com

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