PuK 3 Built-in Wireless Surface Charger side view

Turn workspaces into chargers

With our fast built-in wireless chargers, office furniture can be your new power source. Improve your employee experience by offering a relevant and functional service at the workplace.

No more battery stress, no longer searching for cables during the day and no longer carrying adapters from one workspace to another.

With an average use of 75%, wireless charging is a relevant functionality at the workplace.

Zens Desk Management

Collect both real-time and historical occupancy data to efficiently and effectively manage your workplace, to optimize and to save on costs.

Anticipate on quiet office days

The Zens Smart PuK Visual features a visible LED-cover, which can take on different colours. By setting it to ‘red’ (as part of our Zens Desk Management System), you can block off certain workspaces to -for instance- anticipate on more quiet days and ‘close down’ specific zones or floors.

Reserve a work space more easily

A simple, yet intelligent solution using our wireless chargers to find and reserve free desks.

Cost efficient cleaning

With Zens Desk Management it becomes easy to reduce on facility costs, such as cleaning.


Do you want to improve your employee experience or make your workplace more smart?

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