The smartphone of the future has no holes, no connectors, no cables and no buttons

Blog | 11th August 2021

Tired of searching for your charging cable before bed? Experts believe wireless charging is the future. These trends are hot right now.

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The first portless phone is here.
Phones without charging ports will be the new norm. The Chinese Meizu Zero is the first phone to have no holes – not even for the speaker. Since the phone has no ports, you can’t charge it with a cable either – wireless charging is the only option here. And like the cable-based solutions, this new phone also supports “super-fast” wireless charging.

Apple’s dreams of portless design
One of Apple’s dreams is to design an iPhone without external ports or buttons. Apple has already announced that the 2021 iPhone series won’t introduce this new design. Apple will most likely continue to use the Lightning connector for now. However, according to rumours, the physical coil for wireless charging of the iPhone 13 will be larger than the coil of previous models.  This will increase the surface area of the wireless charging area and result in improved heat management and higher wattage. Our Wireless Chargers for iPhone are a perfect solution for these and all older iPhone models.

Stronger MagSafe system
The MagSafe magnet will also be stronger. This magnet will allow you to attach accessories to the back of your iPhone. It also gives you an alternative way to charge your phone. There have been some complaints about the strength of the current MagSafe magnet. As a result, Apple has decided to improve these magnets.

In the future, an iPhone without a connector could use Qi wireless charging and MagSafe accessories. However, according to Apple, the MagSafe market isn’t mature enough to support a connectorless device. So maybe this idea will become a reality in the future.