5 rumors about the new iPhone 13

Blog | 4th August 2021

Apple will be releasing a new iPhone and going by the latest rumors they will launch it September 2021. When we are getting closer to the release date more rumours are coming our way. So we’ve summed up 5 rumors about the newest iPhone model (which will be named iPhone 13, according to those rumors).

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1. Larger battery

The rumors are telling us that the iPhone 13 will have a larger battery and that the battery life will be extended. Apple is going to make some space saving adjustments to the design in order to provide more space for the battery.

The battery of the iPhone 13 series is said to have a capacity of 2406mAh – 4352mAh. Furthermore, Apple is doing some extra efficiency improvements so the iPhone 13 will have a lower power consumption of 15-20% compared to the iPhone 12.

Rumors are telling us that the iPhone 13 will have a larger battery

2.  Bigger wireless charging coil

The physical wireless charging coil of the iPhone 13 will be bigger than the coil of its predecessor. This will increase the surface of the wireless charging area and will result in improved heat management and a higher wattage.

Also the MagSafe magnet will be stronger. With this magnet you can attach accessories to the back of your iPhone. It also offers you an alternative way to charge your phone. There were some complaints about the strength of the current MagSafe magnet. So Apple has decided to improve those magnets.

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3. Always-on Display

The new iPhone 13 will possibly have an always-on display, just like you can find on the latest Apple Watches. With this technology it would be possible to see information on your screen without having to unlock your iPhone. This way you can always check the time or your iPhone’s battery level.

4. Lightning will be not be replaced by USB-C

Since the iPhone 5, Apple is using a Lightning connector and according to Apple there are currently no plans to change this to USB-C. This open standard is often used by other smartphones in the market, like Samsung.

With their Made for iPhone (MFi) program, Apple can now regulate the quality of their Lightning cables. Not to mention that it would be less profitable if Apple were to change this connection to USB-C. Apple also believes that the USB-C port is less resistant to water damage than their own Lightning cable.

An iPhone without any port would make use of Qi wireless charging and MagSafe accessories

5. No portless design

One of Apple’s dreams is to create an iPhone without any external ports or buttons. But the 2021 iPhone series will not be the one to introduce this new design. Apple will most likely continue to use the Lightning connector for now.

An iPhone without any port would make use of Qi wireless charging and MagSafe accessories. However, according to Apple the MagSafe market isn’t mature enough to support a portless device. So maybe we will see this idea come to life in the future.

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Note: all rumors in this article are coming from multiple sources. It may be that all these rumors turn out not to be true.

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