Data-Driven workspaces: VodafoneZiggo and Zens innovate for employee well-being

Blog | 21st June 2024

Discover how VodafoneZiggo and Zens are revolutionizing the workplace with data-driven solutions. Their collaboration is creating happier, healthier work environments that boost employee satisfaction and productivity.

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In today’s fast-evolving workplace, adaptability and a strong corporate culture are key to employee happiness and well-being. VodafoneZiggo and Zens have formed an innovative partnership to meet these demands through data-driven solutions. Karin Mars of VodafoneZiggo and Erik Plasmans of Zens share insights into how their collaboration is reshaping work environments to benefit employees.

VodafoneZiggo’s corporate culture emphasizes values such as openness, teamwork, and proactive engagement. “Fun and progress with every connection is our goal,” says Mars. These values are embedded in every aspect of their operations, ensuring that employees feel at home and engaged.

To support this vision, VodafoneZiggo implemented the Connected Working 2.0 policy, a hybrid working model that fosters team connection and trust. Regular surveys provide insights into employee well-being, allowing the company to make informed decisions that enhance job satisfaction.

Zens complements VodafoneZiggo’s cultural initiatives with smart workplace solutions. Their wireless chargers, integrated with sensors, offer valuable data on workspace usage. This technology helps VodafoneZiggo optimize office layouts, ensuring spaces are both comfortable and efficient. For instance, data revealed peak office usage on Tuesdays and Thursdays, guiding better resource allocation.

The partnership’s success dates back to 2019 when Zens introduced workplace sensors at VodafoneZiggo. This collaboration has evolved, introducing features like LED indicators for workspace cleanliness. Such innovations highlight the power of data in creating responsive and dynamic work environments.

Both Mars and Plasmans emphasize the importance of data in decision-making. It eliminates guesswork, allowing for objective, reason-based decisions. Mars notes, “It provides us with essential knowledge and information.” This approach not only improves workplace functionality but also aligns with sustainability goals by minimizing unnecessary resources.

Looking ahead, VodafoneZiggo and Zens plan to deepen their collaboration, exploring smart building technologies. Their joint efforts aim to set new standards in workplace design, benefiting both employees and employers.

This blog is derived from the June 2024 edition of Smart WorkPlace, where you can read the full article.

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