Qi enabled headphones with wireless charging

Wireless charging is rapidly making its’ way to our daily lives. It is getting increasingly popular and more and more branches are realizing its potential and value. It is the future and answers to the fast growing demand for power and being able to charge our devices everywhere. Wireless charging is already becoming a more mainstream features for smartphones and the list of all phones with wireless charging keeps on growing. So does the demand for wirelessly recharging multiple types of devices; Imagine the ease of charging your smartphone, AirPods, Apple Watch, powerbank, etc on the same charger. All headphones with wireless charging compatibility currently on the market are listed on this page. Find out if your headphones support Qi wireless charging by viewing the list below.

Headphones with wireless charging – Qi compatible headphones

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Altec Lansing

Zens Wireless Charger with Qi compatible headphones

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