Why proper charging solutions are essential in hotels, restaurants and bars

Blog | 14th December 2021

The hospitality industry is a dynamic environment that continuously changes and adapts in order to meet the changing needs of their guests. The increasing tech demand of guests in recent years has severely changed the way restaurants and hotels do business. Since about 20 years, technology-driven changes like Wi-Fi availability, contactless payments (either using a card or phone), online booking and ordering, and so on have become the new norm. The modern guest is gadget loaded, better informed, more tech-savvy and always connected. Battery powered devices have become important drivers in people’s live. As a result, device charging has quickly become an essential part of the hospitality offering.

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Why proper charging solutions are essential in hotels, restaurants and bars

The need for proper charging solutions

We are now more connected than ever and always online. Therefore, charging has become an important aspect of the hospitality experience. Guests want to be able to regularly and easily snack on power without having to worry. Growing documentation on the concepts of “low battery anxiety” (feeling panic when a phone’s battery percentage drops to 20% or lower) and “nomophobia” (the fear of being detached from mobile phone connectivity) underlines the growing need for proper charging solutions.

Wireless charging is the next tech resolution

A positive charging experience could attract customers and holds the potential to generate revenue, but a poor charging experience might have the opposite effect. Hence, a charging solution that is user friendly and easy to use is critical. Wireless charging follows a universal, global standard and is all about convenience. It allows for easy integration basically anywhere. Think about it; where would guests like to charge their devices or would you like your guests to spend more time?

A positive charging experience could attract customers and holds the potential to generate revenue

Benefits of integrated wireless charging in hotels and restaurants

Just like free, reliable and fast Wi-Fi has become the norm, wireless charging will be regarded as an essential extra in the very near future. Creating an environment where guests can comfortably charge their mobile devices positively impacts both guest experience and business success. It indicates a golden opportunity for tech-savvy hotels, restaurants and bars to adopt the technology in order to differentiate from the competition and offer an added value that will exceed guest expectations. The increase in traffic to a specific venue positively impacts revenue. Additionally, enabling customers to charge their devices often gives them a reason to stay longer at a venue and therefore order and spend more. It also relieves guests from having to bring their own cables and (country-specific) adapters, which are often forgotten.

The integration of wireless charging spots throughout the entire hotel creates more freedom of movement, allowing them to make more use of the hotel’s facilities and spend more. Guests are not tied to their hotel rooms in order to charge their devices. Instead, they can enjoy a drink and chat at the bar while charging their devices.

Give your guests the freedom to stay connected

Liberated from wires, your guests can freely charge, scroll, chat, message and share, wherever they are.

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