6 tips for using your Liberty wireless charger

Blog | 2nd April 2021

The 16 overlapping charging coils of the Liberty chargers provide freedom of placement. With its maximized active charging area, it makes wireless charging ever more convenient and truly effortless. With these 6 tips, you are completely ready for simple and carefree charging.

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6 tips for using your Liberty wireless charger

1. Placement of your devices

No more struggling to find ‘the sweet spot’ like most wireless charging pads. Simply place up to two devices on the Liberty and go about your business, without worrying if you are charging. For optimal performance, it is recommended to place the device(s) in the middle of the active charging area.

2. Connection to power

The Liberty will stop charging automatically once the battery of your device is fully charged and has a very low stand-by power. Therefore, you do not need to disconnect the charger from power in between charging moments. If you will not be using your Liberty for a long period of time (e.g. when you are going on a holiday), you might decide to disconnect the Liberty from power, just like other electronic devices, for environmental friendly reasons.

3. Cleaning the glass surface

To keep the glass clear, it needs to be cleaned every now and then. All you need to do is use the included microfiber cloth and wipe it over the glass surface. If your Liberty needs more than a few swipes, you can put a few drops of water on the cloth.

4. The use of phone cases

The Liberty works with all devices that support Qi wireless charging and with most lightweight (< 3 mm cases). Unless your lightweight case has a metal lining or has metal inside (e.g. a magnet or bankcard), there is no need to remove it before charging. Any cases containing metal need to be removed before charging as they may trigger one of the internal safety mechanisms and prohibit the Liberty from charging your device.

5. What does the LED light indicate?

The two LED lights on the back of the Liberty charger communicate the following:

  • Off: no Qi device detected, no charging takes place
  • On: Qi device detected and device is being charged
  • Blinking: non-Qi device detected, charging is prevented

A blinking light may indicate that one of the safety features is activated, such as Foreign Object Detection (FOD). FOD is an embedded safety mechanism that automatically stops charging if there is interference caused by a foreign object such as metal (e.g. coins, paperclips, bankcards). In this case, make sure to remove any of these objects before charging.

6. Charge even more devices

The USB-port of the Liberty enables you to charge a third device. It can charge any USB-A powered device. If you have an Apple Watch and would like to use the Liberty to its full potential, the Apple Watch USB-stick is the perfect match. With this flexible add-on, the Liberty not only wirelessly recharges two devices, but also recharges your Apple Watch in sleep mode.

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