5 tips for using your wireless charger

Blog | 1st October 2021

Wireless charging gives you ultimate freedom. You don’t have to struggle with messy wires, multiple chargers or overloaded sockets anymore. Just put your phone on the wireless charger and the charging will start automatically. And there is even more. With these tips, you are completely ready for simple and carefree charging.

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Aluminium series charger with multiple devices

1. More than just a smartphone

All Zens wireless chargers are Qi-certified. That means you can charge all devices that are Qi compatible. Not only smartphones, but also other devices such as headphones, powerbanks and even electric toothbrushes. Wireless charging will become even more popular in the near future.

2. Connection to power

To prevent overheating all our chargers will stop charging automatically once the battery of your device is fully charged. Plus the chargers has a very low stand-by power consumption. Therefore, you do not need to disconnect the charger from power in between charging moments. If you will not be using your charger for a long period of time (e.g. when you are going on a holiday), you might decide to disconnect it from power, just like other electronic devices, for environmental friendly reasons.

3. The use of phone cases

Our chargers work with most lightweight cases(< 3 mm cases). Unless your lightweight case has a metal lining or has metal inside (e.g. a magnet or bankcard), there is no need to remove it before charging. Cases containing metal need to be removed before charging as they may trigger one of the internal safety mechanisms and prohibit the charger from charging your device.

4. Better safe than sorry

All Zens products meet the required safety rules and regulations and are Qi-certified. So, all kinds of precautions have been taken to make sure that our wireless chargers are perfectly safe. They even have some embedded safety mechanism called ‘Foreign Object Detection’. This will make sure the charger will automatically stop charging if there is interference caused by a foreign object such as metal (e.g. coins, paperclips and bankcard).

5. Perfect placement

The non-slip finish of the charger ensures perfect placement every time, with every device that you wirelessly charge. You will never have to be afraid that your device slips off the charger.

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