5 tips for using your Modular wireless charger

Blog | 11th May 2021

The Modular Series is designed to work for you and puts you in control. Simply adapt and build to create your perfect charging combination. All modular chargers are made from recycled plastics to help to recharge our environment while giving you the freedom to build your own perfect combination of wireless chargers.

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5 tips using your Modular wireless charger

1. Setting up your Modular combination set

Have you already found the perfect spot at home or at the office where you’ll place your Modular? Preferably, a central spot where you usually like to charge your devices. All you need is a flat surface and access to a power socket. Found it? All that’s left is to first adapt and build in order to create your ideal combination. Then, simply connect the main station to power and you’re ready to start charging. If you like to change things up after a while, you can easily rearrange the order of your combination set.

2. Connection to power

Only the main station needs to be connected to power and you can extend your set with up to four extension chargers. The Modular chargers will stop charging automatically once the battery of your devices are fully charged and they all have a very low stand-by power. Therefore, you do not need to disconnect the charger from power in between charging moments. If you will not be using your Modular set for a long period of time (e.g. when you are going on a holiday), you might decide to disconnect the main station from power, just like other electronic devices, for environmental friendly reasons.

3. The use of phone cases

The Modular chargers work with all devices that support Qi wireless charging and with most lightweight (< 3 mm cases). Unless your lightweight case has a metal lining or has metal inside (e.g. a magnet or bankcard), there is no need to remove it before charging. Any cases containing metal need to be removed before charging as they may trigger one of the internal safety mechanisms and prohibit the Modular chargers from charging your device.

4. What does the LED light indicate?

All Modular chargers have a LED light on the back of the charger which communicates the following:

  • Off: no Qi device detected, no charging takes place
  • On: Qi device detected and device is being charged
  • Blinking: non-Qi device detected, charging is prevented


A blinking light may indicate that one of the safety features is activated, such as Foreign Object Detection (FOD). FOD is an embedded safety mechanism that automatically stops charging if there is interference caused by a foreign object such as metal (e.g. coins, paperclips, bankcards). In this case, make sure to remove any of these objects before charging.

5. Charge even more devices

In need of more power? If you plan on getting a new, wirelessly rechargeable device or you’d like to share your Modular set with your loved ones to optimize your space, your Modular charger simply changes and adapts with you. You have the freedom to extended your main station with up to four modular extensions. Check out all available extension chargers and keep creating and building.

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