Powerbank with Adhesive grip and device

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For a limited time you will receive on every order above €100,- a Zens Wireless Powerbank for free!

Whether you are enjoying a picnic at the park or on your way to work, enjoy the freedom to charge wherever you go and stay connected.

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Powerbank with adhesive grip connected to iPhone Xs

Not just
a powerbank!

The powerbank has a maximum capacity of 4500mAh, enough to recharge your phone up to 2 times. The built-in USB-A port allows charging of an additional device. Charge your devices wirelessly and easily recharge the powerbank itself wirelessly on any Qi wireless charger.

Please note that the adhesive pad works best without a phone case and does not work with leather phone cases.

Please make sure to clean the adhesive pad every now and then using a slightly wet cloth.

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