Building a sustainable future

Zens Liberty Wireless Charger
Aluminium dual charger charging iPhone 12 and Sonos Roam

Charging the world in 6 durable steps

1. High grade materials
2. Recycled materials
3. Sustainable packaging
4. Less cables = less waste
5. Qi-certification
6. Green office

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High grade materials

Our products only consist of high grade materials. All our chargers are here to last. With materials such as recycled plastics, aluminium and even high quality wool or glass you can never go wrong. That is why we also give you a 3 year warranty on all our products.

Modular wireless charging set

Recycled materials

Our Modular Wireless Chargers are the sustainable answer to your charging needs. The Modular Chargers are born from recycled plastics. And you will have the opportunity to extend a base station with extensions to charge multiple devices. This way you will never have to buy a brand new charger and throw away the previous one. You make your own perfect combination when you have a new product that needs charging.

Zens ranges packaging Liberty modular Aluminium Essential

Sustainable packaging

We aim to use as much sustainable materials as possible to package and ship your wireless charger. Over 90% of all out packaging material is made from recycled paper. Unboxing without guilt.

Apple MagSafe Charger 4-in-1 lifestyle

Less cables = less waste

How many times have you replaced your charging cable over the lifetime of a phone? And having 2 phones, an Apple Watch and AirPods might even mean more than 2 cables most of the time.

When it comes to our wireless chargers you will never need additional cables ever again. Simply charge your devices on our dual chargers, 3-in-1 chargers or 4-in-1 chargers.

Qi logo


Qi is the global safety standard for wireless charging. All our products are Qi-certified. This means our wireless chargers are built to last. With attention to quality and the utmost safety standards for you and the environment.

Zens building at High Tech Campus 85

Green office

Sustainability is paramount in Zens’ office. Our smart building is connected to a heat and cold storage system. Plus the building is equipped with solar panels. Due to the sustainable use of materials, sensoring and the facilities on the campus, this building is built in accordance with the Well Gold standard. Green enery to the max.