Empowering McDonald’s

Zens wireless charging at McDonalds

Extra convenience on the go

Welcome to good times! That’s what McDonald’s stands for. As the world’s largest restaurant chain, only in The Netherlands every week 3,2 million guests are welcomed in their 250 restaurants. Tasteful products, excellent service and a place that makes guests feel welcome play a central role.

As part of the guest experience, several restaurants across The Netherlands,  Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States have partnered with Zens and implemented wireless charging in their guest tables. By doing so, extra convenience and service is offered to guests who are on the go.

Zens integrated wireless charging at McDonald's

The Zens solution

In several tables at McDonald’s restaurants across The Netherlands and Belgium, Zens wireless chargers are integrated. By choosing for a blind, sub-surface integration, the functionality of wireless charging is combined with interior aesthetics as well as a nice detail in McDonald’s branding. This way of integration wireless charging also meets the high hygiene standards, as tables can still be cleaned very easy.

Zens wireless charging at MdDonald's

View from the customer

I love the integrated wireless chargers in our restaurant. Not only because we truly offer some extra service and relevant convenience to our guests who often are on the go and are happy to be able to charge their device. But also, because the guest feedback is absolutely wonderful. Guests are positively surprised by this extra service. Wireless charging is one way for us to live our promise for good times.

Restaurant Manager

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