Empowering Van der Valk Kontiki Beach Resort Curaçao

Luxury Suite Kontiki Beach Resort

Everything for a magnificent experience!

On the most desirable beach of tropical Curacao, Kontiki Beach Resort is found. This tropical resort offers everything for a magnificent experience. The Resort has an extraordinary set up and is built with natural materials. Structures and vegetation, architecture and nature, all combined harmoniously into a relaxing atmosphere.

With the realization of 23 exceptionally luxurious suites in December 2022, Kontiki Beach Resort and Curaçao have become a pearl richer. Ultimate luxury and extraordinary hospitality are melted together here, offering guests a carefree and unparalleled experience. Guests enjoy unlimited service, a sublime view and first-class facilities, including wireless charging in every luxury suite.

Zens built-in wireless charging at Kontiki Beach Resort

The Zens solution

By the blind, sub-surface integration of the Zens PuK 3 wireless charger in the desk of each luxury suite, guests are offered an extra service and hassle-free charging experience. A functional element, without compromising on aesthetics.

Luxury suite Kontiki Beach Resort

View of our customer

“While providing convenience, luxury and state-of-the-art hospitality to our guests, wireless charging is one great way to further improve our guest experience. The embedded wireless chargers in the desks of our luxury suites are as aesthetic as they are functional. Reason for us to choose Zens. Our guests love extra features like these.”

Tiara van der Valk
Hotel Manager

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