Expanding the scope of Qi integrated furniture

Blog | 24th April 2015

Eindhoven – April 24, 2015 – It’s a wonderful process to watch the adoption of wireless charging in full motion. Last week, Ikea accelerated its speed even more, showcasing a new collection of Qi integrated furniture as part of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. Unsurprisingly, a flood of publications emerged in reaction to the adoption of Qi in their bedside tables, lamps and desks.

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Wireless surface charger -Qi furniture

‘Born in the browser, raised in an era of smartphones and tablets’


Whenever a new gadget or technology emerges, early adopters are the first in line to catch up. As passionate as they are about the latest developments and the most advanced techniques. For them, the absence of mobile devices is unthinkable. Their lives are centralized around the gathering of information at any place and time.


It’s always been our mission to bring wireless charging into the people’s home environment. To integrate the technology into all kinds of objects in and around your home, with regard to both existing and new pieces of furniture.

Tech’n by Lande: integrated technology

It’s pleasant to collaborate with people and companies that share the very same mindset. We like to combine our expertise of the Qi standard with the craftsmanship and creativity of entrepreneurs, manufacturers and designers.

‘Tech’n by Lande embraces the added value of technical aids, and looks for functional applications in existing and new furniture lines. Technology that satisfies your wishes, or sets a new manner of working in motion, with an eye for accessibility, and above all practical to use and maintain.” We couldn’t agree more, so we integrated our PuK Wireless Charger in Lande’s couches. 

In collaboration with renowned design label Artifort, Lande presented their brand new line of Qi integrated furniture at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Where is the power coming from?

Members of contemporary society accept new objects and technologies that are powered by electricity, without hesitation. Respected designer Dick van Hoff calls this into question by designing products that require alternative power sources. Wireless power sources for example. The wires in the ZENS Crossdock media rack were replaced by a PuK.

Dick van Hoff (1971)

  • Graduated at the School of the Arts in Arnhem in 1996
  • Etablished his own design practice: Vanhoffontwerpen in the same year
  • Teaches at the Design Academy Eindhoven
  • Co-founder of the production label Weltevree

Van Hoff’s design practices embody universal values in modern products that already have been around for a long time. Functionality, quality and the relationship between the user and product give his designs their strength. Functionality is perhaps even more important than aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean that form follows function necessarily. The designs are apparent and impress with their powerful imagery.

What about you?

It’s obvious we’re inspired by the possibilities of Qi wireless charging integration. What about you? What do you think about all the wires that accompany your electronic devices? Do you have any suggestions for us to look into? Let us know!