Which wireless charger is best for my smartphone?

Blog | 17th May 2021

The higher the power output of a charger is, the faster your device will be charged, right? Why buy a charger with a 10 Watt (W) output if the same charger is available in a 15W version? Well, more power does not necessarily mean faster charging. In some cases it may even make more sense to choose a 10W wireless charger over a 15W version or even to consider a 5W standard charger. But how do you find the right wireless charger for your devices?

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Which wireless charger is best for my smartphone?

Generally, when choosing a wireless charger, the output of the charger itself is not all you need to take into account. Which smartphone you have and how you intent to use the charger are also important aspects to consider.

Different outputs: 5W vs 10W vs 15W

When looking for a Qi wireless charger, you will see that one of the differences between the available chargers is the output. The standard outputs include 5W, 10W and 15W. Additionally, there are some exceptions. For example, Samsung Fast Charge works at 9W whereas Apple Fast Charge is optimized at 7.5W.

Wireless charger versus smartphone

Assuming you already confirmed your phone supports wireless charging, it may also be interesting to look at some other features of your device. What output is supported by your phone? And does it support fast charge?
It is often assumed that a 15W charger is the fastest charger for any phone. It may not be. The charger automatically adjusts the power output to the maximum output that your phone can absorb, which is often lower, such as 10W or 5W. Additionally, Apple and Samsung fast charging should separately be included in the charger’s technology.

Which charger do I need if I want to use fast charging?

Simply said, your wireless charger needs to be compatible with your phone and the other way around. So what do you need to look for if you want to use fast charging? For Samsung* you need a wireless charger that supports Samsung Fast Charge, and if you have an iPhone** make sure to look for a charger that supports Apple Fast Charge. For all Zens wireless chargers, the product specifications tell you whether the charger supports Apple and/or Samsung Fast Charge.

Usage of the charger

Generally, it is best to choose the charger with an output at least equal to what is supported by your device. However, when or where you plan on using the charger, may also play a role in what output is most efficient. For example, will you place the charger on your nightstand and charge your phone during the night? Then your device will be placed on the charger for a couple of hours, so charging speed is not relevant. All that matters is that your device is fully charged when you wake up. In this case a standard 5W charger will be more than enough to do the job, even if your phone supports a higher output and/or fast wireless charging.

* Samsung Galaxy S7 and later
** Apple iPhone 8 and later

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