The all new Samsung Galaxy S6 – powered by any ZENS wireless charging solution!

News | 27th February 2015

Note: this is an old blogpost. Check out our new wireless Samsung chargers.

Eindhoven / Barcelona – ZENS, market leader in the field of wireless charging, is proudly presenting the fact that all of its wireless charging solutions can be used with the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 on a ZENS Single Wireless Charger Black

ZENS solutions introduce comfort and user-friendliness into both the working and living environment. Now that the all new Samsung Galaxy S6 will support wireless charging ‘out of the box’, every user can enjoy wireless charging from day one. As all ZENS products are Qi certified and feature a multi-coil solution, they will work flawlessly with the new Samsung flagship!

The convenience of wireless charging

With a broad offering for premium retailers and online partners, every Samsung Galaxy S6 is supplied with a full battery. Beyond that, you can choose from a broad offering of ZENS wireless charging solutions. In the office or at home, you can use the ZENS Qi Wireless Single Charger to charge one S6, or the ZENS Qi Wireless Dual Charger to charge two phones simultaneously. On the road, you can benefit from the ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger in any car that has a cup holder. While traveling, you can also enjoy an extra 4.500 MHz battery thanks to the ZENS Qi Power Bank. Especially for music lovers, our ZENS Qi Wireless Portable Audio Speaker will charge your Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless and allow you to listen to your favorite music at the same time!

Qi wireless charging for infrastructure and furniture

With the fast growing demand for power and charging everywhere you are and everywhere you go, the ZENS Built-in Wireless Charger for Businesses is developed for use around the globe in innovative and sustainable offices, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, stores and home environments. Some examples of applications include desks, counters and bedside tables. The advantages are obvious: the built-in / built-on charger for mobiles eliminates fussing with wires and plugs. Simply place the device upon the charging point, where it is recharged without the use of an adapter. Simple and efficient.

Design and innovation come together – ZENS Crossdock

Meet the updated version of ZENS popular Crossdock media rack. A collaboration between Functionals, designer Dick Van Hoff, and technology company ZENS, the Crossdock offers attractive storage for your magazines and books as you can now wirelessly charge your tablet or smartphone. The dock’s form and walnut wood reference the traditional Dutch magazine rack, but its white powder-coated aluminum base is firmly rooted in the present. Van Hoff’s sly message is that ‘antique’ forms of communication (e.g. newspapers and magazines) can peacefully co-exist with modern devices.

About ZENS

Improve quality of life – go wireless

ZENS is your innovative wireless charging expert. Located right at the heart of one of Europe’s most prominent high-tech centres, we develop state-of-the-art wireless charging innovations that aim to improve quality of life.

At the right place, at the right time, between the right people

Densely inhabited with the most reliable technological experts, the Eindhoven Brainport region is renowned for its highly innovative and collaborative state of mind.  From this ever-inspirational environment, wireless charging solutions in any shape or form are developed for both consumers and businesses across all industries.

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