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News | 14th June 2021

With the new power banks from Zens, your devices are charged anytime and anywhere.

Eindhoven (NL), June 15th 2021 – Wherever we go, we always take our mobile devices with us. The need to be and stay connected is more present than ever. For that reason, Zens, a Dutch provider of innovative charging technologies, is launching a new series of power banks to give everyone easy access to power and let them experience the freedom of wireless charging on-the-go. Zens’ four power banks also have MagSafe support. Due to the integrated magnetic force, the power bank keeps MagSafe compatible devices in place while charging. Also, almost all power banks have a stand that can be used during charging. This way, you can place the power bank in the desired position, both horizontally and vertically—ideal for watching a movie or series on the go. The new Zens power banks can be ordered as of the 15th of June.

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Powerbank with Magnetic connection

A power bank for every occasion

With the new series of power banks from Zens, you can quickly charge devices on the go or if a socket is missing. The series consists of four models. The Magnetic Single Powerbank (ZEPP01M) is the entry-level model of this series and offers affordable and quality wireless charging technology.

The Single Powerbank with Stand (ZEPP02M) differs from other power banks because the power bank can be charged wirelessly using a Qi-charger. It is also possible to charge this power bank, just like the other three power banks, via the supplied USB-C cable.

The Dual Powerbank (ZEPP03M) offers the unique possibility to charge devices on both sides of the power bank. For example, you can supply your iPhone and your Airpods with power at the same time.

The 10.000 mAh Powerbank with Stand (ZEPP04M) is a godsend for the large consumer because this power bank has a battery capacity of 10,000 mAh. Zens offers a three-year warranty on all power banks.

“Innovation, continuously anticipating what is to come and adapting to changing customer needs is in Zens’ DNA. We see that the demand for the possibility to charge anytime and anywhere is growing. It’s all about convenience and freedom, and that’s why we’re launching these Qi-enabled power banks for mobile devices,” said Johan Plasmans, CEO at Zens. “Devices that can provide us with extra power when we need it have become essential in life. Wherever we are, we always want to stay connected. These power banks make this possible effortlessly.



About Zens

Zens is an innovative company focused on developing and manufacturing wireless charging products that make life easier.

No more messy cords, multiple chargers and overloaded outlets. With Zens wireless charging, you can experience ultimate freedom. At home, in the office and on the go.
Located in the heart of Europe’s ‘Silicon Valley’, Zens is at the epicentre of technology and innovation. Brainport Eindhoven is home to some of the world’s most trusted technology experts, thinkers, doers and collaborative minds.

Packed with cutting-edge technology, Zens’ range of innovative wireless chargers is designed for both consumers and businesses and designed to empower people to improve their way of life.

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