British accessories brand KNOMO collaborates with ZENS to create wireless charging range

News | 13th February 2018

Eindhoven, February 13th 2018 – British accessories brand KNOMO and wireless charging expert ZENS are proud to announce their all new series of high performance Wireless Charging Power Pads. The KNOMO x ZENS wireless charging range is where lifestyle design and technological innovation come together.

Ensure you never run out of battery, no matter where you are or where you go. All power pads support Samsung Fast Charge and work with any smartphone with wireless charging.

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KNOMO X ZENS Stage Power Pad Front view

KNOMO x ZENS Solo Power Pad – Perfect for travelling or on the go

Type KNSC08B, Consumer price £35.00 / €39.00 / $39.00, Available mid-March 2018

The Solo Power Pad is a slim fast wireless charger designed to charge a single device. Powered simply by a micro USB cable, the Solo Power Pad is perfect for travelling and using on the move. The low-profile mini design also fits perfectly in any home or office, and plugs into either a laptop or wall socket using the included micro USB cable.

KNOMO x ZENS Stage Power Pad – Perfect for at the office or at your desk

Type KNSC06B, Consumer price £45.00 / €49.00 / $49.00, Available mid-March 2018

The Stage Power Pad is slim desktop wireless charger that provides fast, easy, and efficient power without messy cables. It is convertible design and can be used in either a flat or tilted position, ideal for the desktop providing multiple viewing angles. The low-profile design fits perfectly in any home or office, simply plug it into a laptop or wall socket and start charging.

KNOMO x ZENS Duo Power Pad – Perfect for two devices

Type KNDC02B, Consumer price £59.00 / €69.00 / $69.00, Available mid-March 2018

The Duo Power Pad is a slim wireless charger designed to charge two devices simultaneously. Perfect for at home if you have multiple devices or your household or for those with a separate work device. The Duo Power Pad provides fast and efficient wireless charging and is extremely easy to use; just place the device(s) on the pad and charging will start.


KNOMO was founded with one purpose: to help people live and work wherever they wanted. Today, we have the freedom to do anything, anywhere. All you need is a device to work from, and way to organize your belongings. Wherever you are right now, this is your office.
Creating men’s and women’s lifestyle accessories, sold by over 1000 retailers in 40 countries, at and in two Central London stores.

About ZENS

ZENS is your innovative wireless charging expert, dedicated to developing state-of-the-art wireless charging solutions for about 7 years. develops, produces and markets a wide series of wireless charging solutions in any shape or form for both consumers and businesses across all industries.
Check out ZENS wireless chargers for consumers or wireless power business solutions on If you are thinking of applying wireless charging technology to your personal and/or business environment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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