Always On, Always Connected; wireless charging at the public domain

Blog | 11th February 2016

Eindhoven – February 11, 2016 – As a proud member of the Wireless Power Consortium, ZENS continuously works on the development and integration of wireless charging into the public infrastructure. While ‘cutting the cord’ sounds like a quick and easy resolve, in truth, making this a reality is dependent on multiple factors. Certainly, leading companies and brands active in all types of markets have joined in. To them also, the added value wireless charging brings us is undeniable.

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New ways of working at The Edge - Deloitte's headquarters in Amsterdam

The extended usage of mobile technology requires power sources to be available at any given place and time, to keep batteries charged throughout the day


Key benefits

Hyperconnectivity is key. To be ‘always on’ requires batteries to be powered up at any place and time

When focusing on bringing wireless charging to the End User’, especially in the public domain:

  • Ease of use for staff and visitors; keeping Qi enabled mobile devices powered up all day long.
  • Ending fussing around with wired plugs and adapters.
  • Inductive technology can be fully integrated in or beneath the worktop.
  • Qi induction can also be easily retrofitted; referring to the addition of new technology or features to older systems.
  • Devices do not need to placed on an exact spot to be charged. The inductive charging field will grow bigger as the technology evolves.

Consumer awareness

In order to further the mass adoption of wireless charging successfully, consumer awareness is key. There is no grand marketing-machine behind this process. Our motivation (all WPC-members alike) stems from the mission to provide audiences with the convenience of high quality wireless charging solutions.

Since our foundation in 2011, we’ve built a network of partners that is active in various industries. We’d like to focus on a couple of great markets in which we’ve been able to establish and maintain productive relationships. And while we’re at it, here’s an update on the current status of wireless charging in the public domain.

Public transportation


  • Late last year VDL Bus & Coach B.V. started the assembly of the first bus worldwide with wireless charging integrated for wearables. The project was executed for BBA Tours and PSV Eindhoven, the latter one being the Dutch Eredivisie Soccer Champion 2015.

Airports & train stations

  • Wireless charging stations were installed at four major airports in the United States: John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Miami International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.
  • In China wireless charging is available at Beijing Capital International and an additional 75 locations.
  • Throughout Japan, mobile devices can be charged wirelessly at countless airports and train stations.

Hotels & restaurants

  • Marriot placed mobile Qi units at 29 of its hotels in lobbies and restaurants. By doing so it answered to the customers’ needs: research made clear that 75 percent of the clientele carried multiple mobile devices that needed charging, preferrably without the use of cables.
  • In the United States, wireless charging is available at Starbucks; Boston, Brighton, Cambridge and Somerville. In Europe, ZENS started equipping tables of said company with inductive technology.
  • McDonald’s restaurants across Germany, United Kingdom, and The United States have wireless charging hotspots installed. ZENS is expanding that number even further by equipping tables with wireless charging.

Furniture manufacturers & new ways of working

The New Way of Working:
“A vision in which the latest information-technology serves as a catalyst for managing workflows. It involves renovation of the physical workplace, organizational structure and culture, the management style, not to mention the mentality of the knowledge worker and his manager.” (Thick Axe – New Ways of Working 2007)

In order to achieve the destinations mentioned in this definition, desired goals have to be determined beforehand. Possible outcomes:

  • A flexible work environment with engaged employees.
  • A work system that is time- and place-independent; unassigned workspaces, mobile furnishings and varied meeting spaces.
  • A developed organisation where trust and sharing are key, especially cross-group communication and collaboration.
  • A network organisation that encourages thought leadership.

Several services can be carried out to reach the goals desired. Ranging from tours of inspiration and analysis to designing briefings and interventions with employees.

Tribes – activity related working

  • TRIBES (picture on top of this article) is a new concept that offers an international network of offices, that facilitates professionals to work as efficient as possible. TRIBES locations: Capelle aan den Ijssel, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Brussels.

Bring your own power source

Whenever your mobile device needs an immediate recharge and you don’t have access to a power source nearby, considering to bring your own next time just may be a good idea. ZENS designed and manufactured the Powerbank Wireless Charger Black to power up mobile devices at any given place and time. No matter the activity or location.