4-in-1 Magnetic + Watch Wireless Charger

Our new 4-in-1 charger has a 7.5W magnetic wireless output for iPhone 12 and up, a 5W wireless charger for AirPods, built-in USB-A port for Apple Watch stick and a 18W USB-C output port. Via the USB-C port you can for instance charge an iPad.

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Modular wireless charger with iPhone 12 airpods and apple watch

Freedom to build your own

Born from recycled plastic, our modular chargers are a match made in heaven for your devices. You can create your own wireless charger station.

Bought a new pair of AirPods or an Apple Watch that needs charging? No worries, just add an extension to your exisiting modular combination. Simple. As. That.

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Magnetic Powerbanks

Magnetic Powerbanks

Attached to your phone? So are our MagSafe compatible Powerbanks. Very convenient since you don’t have to find the “sweet spot” to charge your phone. Click. Charge.

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Apple chargers

Apple chargers

Safely charge your Apple devices with our Qi-certified chargers. Even at night. No more messy wires, no cheap plastics and no questionable technology. One charging dock for all your devices.

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3-in-1 chargers

3-in-1 chargers

Liberate yourself of wires and overloaded power sockets. With our 3-in-1 chargers you will only need one charger for 3 devices. Charge your phone, watch and headphones at the same time.

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Business Solutions

Enter the office of the future

Efficiently manage your office. Gather data from every workspace and provide insights about office occupancy. Or where to reduce cost. Smart office solutions combined with wireless charging.

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Built-in PuK LED green light
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No more messy wires, multiple chargers and overloaded sockets

Wireless charging empowers your freedom.

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