Colour co-ordinated safety

With Zens intelligent wireless technology, you can ensure everyone maintains social distancing while working in the office. Every single PuK charger features an LED-ring which can emit different colours. By setting it to ‘red’ you can easily and visibly block-off specific desks and certain work areas. Giving you complete flexibility and total peace of mind that everyone is working at a safe distance, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Green means go

Whether you’re a small start-up or a multinational company, you can keep all your workers safe, fully charged and connected by simply integrating a Zens wireless charger (with PuK iBeacon) into your office desks or furniture. Unlimited smart desks can be added and all your data can either be viewed on the dashboard or incorporated in smart building platforms by API.

Charging effortlessly

Never run out of battery. With Zens wireless chargers, workers can keep their smartphone fully charged simply by placing it on the PuK. It’s that simple. Fully charged wirelessly, while they work. No messy wires or annoying cables getting in the way. Just intuitive, user-friendly, convenient technology.

Social distancing in your office?

Please get in touch and we will inform you about our Social distancing solution