ZENS launches full portfolio of wireless charging solutions for all new phones with Wireless Charging

News | 13th September 2017

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Eindhoven, September 13, 2017 – ZENS, developer of innovative wireless charging solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent consumer demands, is launching a full portfolio of new, wireless chargers. These wireless chargers are a perfect companion for your new phone. No matter where you are or wherever you go, you will never be out of power and always connected. Be it at home, in your car or traveling.

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ZENS Single Wireless Charger Drawing

ZENS Single Wireless Charger (ZESC02B)

The ZENS Single Wireless Charger is perfect for use at home or at your office. Its seven charging coils offer a large charging zone, which means you don’t have to place your device exactly in the right position. This makes the charger ideal for larger phones like the Galaxy Note 8 or Apple iPhone 8 Plus . The wireless charger comes with an AC/DC adaptor; simply plug in and start charging.

ZENS Fast Wireless Charging Stand / Base 10W Qi (ZESC06B)

Do you like to have your phone in sight while charging? The powerful ZENS Fast Wireless Standing Charger / Bae 10W Qi can charge any device under a 45 degrees angle. Or do you just want to put your phone down and charge? This is also possible! Moreover, thanks to its adjustable base, this unique charger can charge any phone in portrait or landscape position.


ZENS Fast Wireless Charging Stand / Base 15W Qi (ZESC07B)

Are you looking for even more power? The ZENS Fast Standing Charger / Base 15W Qi is the fastest wireless charger available today, offering no less than 15W of output power. You can use it as a standing charger or a base charger.


ZENS In-car Wireless Charger Anti-slip (ZECC02B)

Are you underway most of the time and want to make sure your phone is always charged? The ZENS In-car Wireless Charger Anti-slip has – the name says it – an anti-slip surface and can be used anywhere in your car. Simply place it on the mid console, under your armrest or wherever suits you best. The charger even has a built-in battery (5200 mHa) that allows you to, when you arrive at your destination, take it along for uninterrupted wireless charging.


ZENS Power Bank Wireless Charger Holder (ZEPB02B)

Always traveling with your backpack or laptop bag? Then the ZENS Power Bank Wireless Charger Holder is your ideal travel companion. It has a nice pocket; simply drop your phone in it and start charging wirelessly. The power bank charger has a built-in 5200 mHa battery with enough power for two charges.

All the above new products are a perfect fit with any ZENS wireless charging solution, offering charging convenience and eradicating the need for messy, tangled wires. And while wireless charging at home or in the office has been a great hit for some time, the automotive industry has now also fully embraced wireless charging.

About ZENS

In 2011, ZENS was the very first company to introduce wireless charging in Europe. Located right at the heart of one of Europe’s most prominent high-tech centers, Eindhoven Brainport, the company develops state-of-the-art wireless charging innovations. The Eindhoven Brainport region is renowned for its highly innovative and collaborative state of mind and is densely inhabited with the most reliable technological experts. From this everinspirational environment, ZENS develops its wireless charging solutions in any shape or form for both consumers and businesses across all industries. Check out our wireless power business solutions or wireless chargers for consumers on www.zens.tech. If you are thinking of applying wireless charging technology to your business environment, do not hesitate to contact us.


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