ZENS Built-in Wireless Surface Charger for Consumers

News | 26th October 2015

Note: this is an old blogpost. Check out our new Built-in wireless chargers.

Eindhoven (October 26, 2015) – ZENS, developer of innovative wireless charging solutions that meet and exceed the most stringent consumer requirements, gives your working or living environment extra appeal with the ZENS Built-in Wireless Charger for Consumers that is integrated into your furniture, whether a desk, a bedside table or another piece of furniture. With this new addition to its product portfolio ZENS, market leader in the field of wireless charging, is introducing comfort and user-friendliness into the working and living environment.

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ZENS Built-in Wireless Surface Charger for Consumers

Suitable for all types of furniture!

With the fast growing demand for power and charging everywhere you are and everywhere you go, the ZENS Built-in wireless charger is developed for use around to globe in homes, offices, kitchens, hotels and restaurants. Some examples of applications include desks, counters and bedside tables. The advantages are obvious: the built-in mobile phone charger eliminates fussing with wires and plugs. You simply place the telephone upon the charging point, where it is recharged without the use of an adapter. Simple and efficient.


In an existing piece of furniture, a hole is made from above, in which the charger is placed. The hole is then covered with a disc that also serves to indicate the position of the charging point. We will provide the grinder for the hole together with the ZENS Built-in wireless charger.

The charger offers the lowest thermal performance possible and includes one of the most efficient Qi chargers available today. In addition, it is made to withstand water, coffee or other liquids spills.


Currently, over 500 products are Qi-certified, including Google Nexus 4/5/6/7, Microsoft 950 and 950XL and the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge / Edge Plus. All these products are a perfect fit with any ZENS wireless charging product, offering charging convenience and making an end to messy, tangled wires. 

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ZENS is your innovative wireless charging expert. Located right at the heart of one of Europe’s most prominent high-tech centres, we develop state-of-the-art wireless charging innovations that aim to improve quality of life.

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Densely inhabited with the most reliable technological experts, the Eindhoven Brainport region is renowned for its highly innovative and collaborative state of mind.  From this ever-inspirational environment, wireless charging solutions in any shape or form are developed for both consumers and businesses across all industries.

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