Samsung introduces wirelessly rechargeable S10 series and Galaxy Buds

News | 22nd February 2019

Note: this is an old blogpost. Check out our new wireless Samsung chargers.

Eindhoven, September 22nd 2019 – During last Wednesday’s Unpacked event, Samsung revealed the Galaxy S10 series, comprising the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus and the wireless Galaxy Buds. All these newly introduced devices support wireless charging. Looking for one charger that works with all of these devices and keeps your Smartphone and/or Buds charged while at home, at the office or traveling? ZENS got you covered.

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ZENS Dual Aluminium Wireless Charger while charging Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Buds

Moving towards dual device charging

The wireless charging ecosystem continues to develop as more and more devices with wireless charging are being introduced. It is not only getting a mainstream feature for smartphones, but continues to expand to other devices, such as smartwatches or headphones. As more devices support wireless charging, consumers are urgently looking for ways to charge multiple devices on the same charger.

ZENS Dual Aluminium Wireless Charger

Model ZEDC04B
The ZENS Dual Aluminium Wireless Charger supports dual device charging and has a total output 0f 20W (2x10W). The charger is ideal for at home or at the office and ensures your Galaxy S10, S10e or S10+ and/or Galaxy Buds do not run out of power. Simply place your devices on the charging pad and charging starts automatically.

ZENS Dual Wireless Powerbank

Model ZEPB04B
The ZENS Dual Wireless Powerbank keeps your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e or S10+, and/or Galaxy Buds charged while on the go or travelling. Its 9000 mAh battery capacity wirelessly recharges two devices at the same time and its built in USB-ports allow you to recharge two additional devices. The Powerbank has a total output of 20W (2x10W) and can be recharged wirelessly on any Qi wireless charger.


About ZENS

ZENS is your innovative wireless charging expert. Since 2011, ZENS has been dedicated to developing state-of-the-art wireless charging solutions. As a global category leader, ZENS offers an extensive assortment of over 50 Qi and/or Apple MFi certified wireless charging products.

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