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Blog | 6th April 2021

Experts expect a radical change in the way we value and use the office space. Surveys in the recent COVID period show a need to change from a desk-centric set-up to a much more collaboration-centric design. What does this mean for your office space and how do you get grip on the new dynamics?

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Purpose shift office – more collaboration centric

Surveys in 2020 showed that around 40-60% of the people do not intent to go back to the office full time. Recent polls and surveys have also revealed a new trend regarding the prime office activities. In recent year of working from home, around 70% of people indicate to be more productive, especially on job tasks related activities as well they indicate an increase in efficiency of functional meetings. What almost 90% of respondents have missed are social interactions with colleagues, inspiration and creativity that helps them to stay engaged and do a better job.

Surveys in 2020 showed that around 40-60% of the people do not intent to go back to the office full time.

Therefore, a purpose shift of ‘the office as we know it’ is expected. It will be a shift from desk-centric to collaboration centric workplace design.


Changing behaviour: Fact-based insights and clear communication have proven to be critical

In order to manage any change in behaviour, whether it is to increase office efficiency or the before mentioned structural shift, fact-based insights and clear communication have proven to be critical instruments.

Zens Business Solutions has been working for the last 10 years on solutions that empowers freedom for both people and businesses. Over the past year it has released new features to help facility managers and business leaders to get grip on office occupancy and people behaviour. The company is aware of the many technology solutions which are currently being offered around space and desk occupancy. The company’s origin has been wireless chargers for mobile devices, helping early adopters like Deloitte in The Edge building in Amsterdam and provide their workers with greater flexibility and freedom. The wireless charging technique is charging all phone models that have wireless charging capabilities. This provides freedom to charge anywhere as well as reduces the amount of cable in your bag.


Zens desk occupancy insights are most reliable and unobtrusive

To increase the user comfort and secure an unprecedented real-time desk occupancy detection, their wireless desk-mounted charger detects mobile devices on the desk even when the phone in not in active use. The combination of this wireless technology detection with an optical sensor reaches near 100% real time desk occupancy accuracy.

The features of Zens Smart Desk proposition for Smart Offices help business leaders and facility managers to get grip on their office with tools for Social Distancing, Occupancy Control, Desk Use Insight, On Desk Communication, Flexible desk use, Desk Comfort, Charge Anywhere.

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Turn your office into a Smart Office

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