Create your Smart Desk in a Smart office building | ZENS partnering up with Vodafone, Veyhl and A.H. Meyer

News | 15th August 2019

In a smart environment, technology supports the true potential of people as it enables people to work more efficient, healthier and to communicate easier, so they have more time to focus on growing the core of their businesses. Additionally, available smart office platforms (e.g. from Capgemini, Comfy, Kapsch, Mapiq, Spacewell, etc.) help to optimize workplaces and buildings in terms of system management, reduced energy consumption, flexible working practices and much more. (Intelligent) wireless charging is part of that and belongs in the modern smart office environment; it is becoming a corner stone in many smart office buildings and can, via an Application Programming Interface (API), be connected to any available smart building platform.


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ZENS PuK for Intelligent Wireless Charging in today's smart office

Wireless charging

With PuK’s (ZENS wireless chargers) embedded in desks and meeting spaces, people will remain connected with increased flexibility around the office; no more cables and orderly and clean workplaces. The integration of PuK’s creates a better user experience and streamlines the physical appearances of offices. But, that is not all. When taking PuK’s to the next level by making them intelligent, its inclusion can increase the capabilities of employees and facility managers even more. The ZENS PuK Wireless Chargers, available through ZENS and through our European partner A.H. Meyer, can turn any flat surface into a Wireless Charging spot without effecting design aesthetics.

Intelligent wireless charging: move your desk and stimulate a healthy way of working

An integrated PuK can also be upgraded with an app. As soon as someone arrives at their workplace and places their smartphone on the integrated charger, the desk automatically adjusts to their personal, pre-set ergonomic sitting or standing height. The app with these pre-settings are basically an employee’s personal ‘’ergonomic passport’’, which they simply have in their pocket at all times. The ergonomic passport enhances flexible working in a healthy and comfortable way and encourages employees to use a healthy sit-stand balance and to work more ergonomically. The PuK upgraded with ergonomic passport is developed in co-operation with and available through our trusted partner Veyhl. In comparison to other existing Smart Desk Apps, the intuitive solution offered by Veyhl and ZENS does not require unlocking your phone before use, no looking for an app or selecting the desk, no need for manual Bluetooth pairing and it ensures you always have a charged battery.

Intelligent wireless charging: measure how workplaces are used and adjust accordingly

The PuK can also be upgraded with a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform (e.g. ZENS PuK-IoT). This solution measures real-time workplace occupancy with respect for privacy and guaranteed IT security, without future physical maintenance. There is no internal gateway needed and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to the limited time and effort needed for integration. The API allows for very easy integration into any existing or future smart building platform available on the market.
IoT automation in the office comes with a lot of advantages for both the organization as a whole as well as the individual employees. For the organization (e.g. facility manager) it allows for better cost control and provides insightful analytics on how workplaces are being used. For employees, it gives real-time insight into available workplaces allowing them to save a lot of time as available workplaces can be found within a few seconds. The ZENS IoT solution has been developed in co-operation with our partner Vodafone and has recently been integrated in Vodafone’s new building in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

If you are thinking of applying wireless charging to your personal and/or business environment or have any additional questions about intelligent wireless charging, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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