ZENS now introducing product bundles: wirelessly recharge even more devices simultaneously

News | 31st March 2020

Eindhoven, March 31st 2020 – The ZENS Apple Watch USB-stick, launched earlier this year together with the Liberty 16 Coils Wireless Chargers, is the ideal add on for any product with a built-in USB-A-port. Since there are a lot of devices or products with built-in USB-ports such as laptops, powerbanks, adapters, wireless chargers and much more, you can now easily recharge your Apple Watch anytime, anywhere. The Apple Watch charger has a small and compact aluminium design, is officially MFi certified and works with all Apple Watches (series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

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ZEBUAW01 - ZENS Bundle Wireless Powerbank + Apple Watch USB-stick while charging iPhone and Apple Watch

ZENS now introduces two new product bundles which combine the Apple Watch USB-stick with a wireless powerbank, reinforcing the usability of both products even more. Naturally, these bundles have a more appealing price tag compared to when acquiring both products separately.

ZENS Bundle: Wireless Powerbank with Adhesive Grip + Apple Watch USB-stick

ZEBUAW1, view product video
The ZENS Wireless Powerbank with Adhesive Grip and ZENS Aluminium Apple Watch USB-stick are made for each other: connect the Apple Watch USB-stick to the built-in USB-port of the wireless powerbank and you can recharge your phone and Apple Watch simultaneously. This ideal bundle keep you devices charged every moment of the day.

ZENS Bundle: Dual Wireless Powerbank + Apple Watch USB-stick

ZEBUAW2, view product video
Rather charge more than two devices? With the Dual Wireless Powerbank + Apple Watch USB-stick you can recharge two devices and an Apple Watch simultaneously. Perfect for your iPhone, AirPods (Pro) and Apple Watch. Still need more power? Then you can use the second built-in USB-port of the powerbank to charge a fourth device. This practical bundle ensures the batteries of your devices are always charged and ready for use.


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