ZENS first worldwide to introduce built-in wireless (sub-)surface charger with Apple and Samsung Fast Charge

News | 23rd March 2018

Eindhoven, March 23rd 2018 – ZENS is proud to introduce the newest member of the PuK range; a built-in wireless surface and sub-surface charger that supports both Apple Fast Charge and Samsung Fast Charge. With our new ‘’PuK 3’’ you can create fast-charging hotspots anywhere. This is the first 15W wireless (sub-)surface charger that supports both Apple Fast Charge and Samsung Fast charge in the world.

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The ZENS PuK Built-in Wireless Surface Chargers offer an integrated wireless charging solution. They are developed to create wireless charging hotspots for use around the globe in offices, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, stores and home environments. They can easily be integrated in any furniture application, such as desks, counters, chairs, and bedside tables.

  • The ZENS PuK 1 is equipped with seven induction coils (5W output) that continually detect a device’s signal and can only be applied as a visible (built-on) charging spot.
  • The ZENS PuK 2 is equipped with one large induction coil (5W output) and can be applied both as a visible (built-on) and invisible (built-in) charging spot.


Looking for a faster way to charge your Apple iPhone or Samsung device? ZENS PuK 3 is equipped with one large induction coil (15W output) and can be applied both built-on and built-in furniture. It supports both Apple Fast Charge and Samsung Fast Charge, resulting in significantly shorter charging times for your Apple iPhone 8/8Plus/X or your Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9. The introduction of 15W wireless charging solutions strongly improves user-experience.

Advantages of integrating wireless surface chargers

Wireless charging is the future and answers to the fast growing demand for power and charging everywhere. Besides convenience and user-friendliness, it comes with several more advantages;

  • Easy application to every available flat surface, regardless of its material
  • Organized and mobile friendly workplaces
  • Can be implemented into both new and existing furniture
  • Safety guaranteed thanks to Foreign Object Detection (FOD) specially designed by ZENS
  • Eliminates the hassle of dealing with cords and plugs
  • Effortless (fast) wireless charging and longer battery life


Extended warranty period to 3 years

All our products are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards and deliver high-quality performance. We find it very important that our customers can fully experience what wireless charging has to offer and value their experience. Therefore, ZENS extends the warranty period on all products from 2 to 3 years.

About ZENS

Check out ZENS wireless power business solutions on www.zens.tech/wireless-charging-solutions. If you are thinking of applying wireless charging technology to your personal and/or business environment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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