Zens announces innovative all-in-one wireless charger as part of its built-in product range for workplaces

News | 2nd May 2023

Eindhoven, the Netherlands – 2 May 2023 – Zens, a Dutch tech company focusing on wireless charging solutions, announces the introduction of a new innovative built-in wireless charger for workplaces.

The brand new Zens PuK Combi HDMI is an all-in-one completely built-in wireless charger, which in addition replaces expensive HUB’s, eliminates tangled cables and laptop adapters. A great option for organizations who want to improve their employee experience and value clean desks and cable-free workplaces. The new Zens innovation will be demonstrated during interzum Cologne, which will take place from 9-12 May 2023.

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Zens PuK Combi HDMI built-in wireless charger
Zens PuK Combi HDMI

The latest innovation from Zens pushes the boundaries of wireless charging again and continues to improve the way people work through advancements in technology coupled with clean, modern design. Zens CEO Johan Plasmans:“In today’s world, having a modern workplace is essential to the success of any business. An environment that is comfortable and efficient can help improve employee experience, which leads to increased productivity and morale. By now taking advantage of future standard technologies as wireless charging, businesses can create a workplace that meets the needs of today’s workers.”

Johan Plasmans continues: “In addition, as the boundaries between work and life continue to fade because of hybrid working, employees’ expectations of workplace technology are mirroring that of consumer behavior. Consumers have become so dependent on mobile devices to the point where they have become the dashboard of our lives. This is now transferring over to the employee experience and expectations. Built-in wireless chargers at the workplace provide some extra convenience to employees, enabling them to work more efficiently and productively.”

The Zens PuK Combi HDMI is a built-in wireless charger featuring in addition 1x USB-C connection to charge an extra device (30W) and 1x USB-C connection for “Charge & Display” (65W). By connecting a USB-C data cable between the Zens PuK Combi HDMI and a laptop, the laptop is charged (65W), images are automatically transferred to a maximum of 2 screens and the laptop is connected to a fixed internet connection (by means of 2x HDMI connection and through a UTP port at the bottom). This all-in-one wireless charger, made from recycled plastic, replaces expensive HUB’s and eliminates tangled cables and laptop adapters at the workplace. It can be integrated into an office desk or meeting room, allowing users to power their devices, without unnecessary cluttered cables and adapters.

Demonstration and availability
The Zens PuK Combi HDMI will be demonstrated at interzum Cologne, which will take place from 9-12 May 2023. The Zens stand can be found in hall 10.2, stand H083. The Zens PuK Combi HDMI is expected to be available this summer.