The past, the present and the future of wireless charging

Blog | 12th February 2015

Eindhoven – February 12, 2015 – Qi wireless charging started in 2010. About 60 companies signed a declaration of intent to build a standard for wireless charging called Qi. Beautiful fact: Qi is an open standard; both large and small companies can join it!

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Lexus wireless charging
Lexus NX wireless charging console box

Qi wireless charging: the beginning

Early 2011, ZENS was the first company with a Qi wireless charger. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single phone in the world that could be charged on our beautiful and well-designed ZENS Single Wireless charger!

Phone manufacturers

Today things look totally different. There are many phones available that can be charged wirelessly. Brands like Microsoft (former NOKIA), Samsung, LG, Google, Motorola, Sony, CAT, ASUS, DROID are developing phones that can be charged wirelessly. Even the big Apple is looking into wireless charging more and more. With their support we made Apple Certified MFi wireless charging cases. Consumers with an iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and  iPhone 6 can experience the convenience of something that’s becoming bigger every month.

Applications of wireless charging

In 2015 the first car manufactures will follow; Toyota and Lexus  will implement wireless charging in their cars. At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last January, AUDI and BMW showed their solutions coming to the market. In the near future  you’ll see wireless charging in kitchens, bedside tables, lamps, cars, bars, and sizable buildings. We’ll keep you posted!