Orgatec 2018: five questions with CEO Erik Plasmans

Blog | 22nd October 2018

This year’s Orgatec is about culture@work and visionary concepts for a new working culture. Office Republic is interested in how participants in the Orgatec describe the culture in their own company and their vision on the workplace of the future. To clarify this vision, we asked five questions to more than 400 participating office furniture manufacturers. This article is about Culture@Zens with the company’s CEO Erik Plasmans.

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Orgatec 2018 ZENS Intelligent Wireless Charging

#1. Culture is sometimes defined as all that man produces in material and immaterial sense. The culture of a people, or a group of people, includes its beliefs, values and customs. If we look at your company, how do you describe the current culture in your company?

Zens stands for convenience, innovation and design which is realized through our technologies and dedicated team. Being connected with your mobile device anytime, anywhere is getting increasingly important. We believe that everyone should easily have access to power and the ability to charge their mobile devices at all times, which we realize with our wireless charging solutions. Additionally, we take wireless charging one step further by expanding and combining our PuK built-in wireless surface chargers with intelligent technologies.

Ease of use, functionality and design are core values in these technologies. Convenience applies to the use of workplaces and automatically setting table height; ideal for the user to work in a healthy way. Moreover, convenience also concerns the optimization of building control by measuring workplace occupation and temperature at specific work spots; ideal for the facility manager.

#2. What changes do you see taking place in the culture within companies in the coming years? Which external and internal developments will affect our ‘work culture’?

Just like at home or in the car, people want to be connected with their workplaces. Being connected in the workplace should be intuitive, without extra handling.
For companies, the health of buildings is playing a bigger role. It is getting more important to micro-manage buildings and easily control the various features that play a role in building control, such as workplace occupation, light, temperature and ventilation.

#3. What developments can we expect from your company in the coming years?

In the coming years, our wireless charging solutions will focus on two main future developments; higher outputs and intelligent products.
Wireless charging been growing into one of the standard features of smartphones and is now also expanding to headphones and other mobile devices. In the last years, the outputs grew and changed from 5W outputs to 15W outputs. In the near future, these powers are expected to grow significantly, enabling wireless charging for tablets and laptops.
We will also continue with making products intelligent in which convenience for the end-user or building manager plays a key role.

#4. Do we already see some of that development on the coming Orgatec, and what will be the eye-catcher of your trade show presentation?

Yes, we look forward to showing you how our technologies can make your workplace intelligent. Our ChargeBAR, equipped with the latest wireless charging technologies, is perfect for anyone who is curious to see the latest developments in wireless charging or if you just need a charge.

Our co-operation with Veyhl, the eyecatcher of our presentation, takes wireless charging a level further. It demonstrates how you can automatically adjust table height using your smartphone. Imagine; arrive at your workplace, place your phone on the built-in charger to check-in and your desk automatically adjusts to your preferred height. There is no need for extra handling or Bluetooth paring.

We also give you a glimpse of the future by giving an exclusive preview of our cooperation with our IoT partner ZiggoVodafone, which is available in April 2019. It is all about wireless charging and additional innovative features that measure the health and occupancy of your workplace.


#5. Where can you be found on the Orgatec?

You can find Zens together with Vecos in Hall 11,2, Stand F-030. Vecos and Zens’ technologies, engineered in Eindhoven, the innovation heart of the Netherlands, empower you to connect your furniture and make your workplace intelligent.

Feel free to stop by anytime and experience first-hand what Zens’ technologies can do for your furniture and/or your workplace.

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