MANU QUBE powered by ZENS: design and technology fused into one indispensable solution

News | 11th July 2019

Eindhoven, 11th of July 2019 – Tech startup MANU is taking the wireless charging market to new heights with the launch of the MANU QUBE powered by ZENS. MANU created a product that can charge your tech and be beautiful at the same time; the best of both worlds. Not only can you charge your battery and stay clutter-free, you can also save space while charging your devices anytime, anywhere.

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Zens Nanu powered by zens

Introducing the MANU QUBE

With the objective to offer the true freedom of ‘wireless’, the QUBE is where the power of a wireless charger and a battery pack is fused into one stunning object. The MANU QUBE really does complement any stylish interior and it’s so convenient. It consists of a base, the wireless charger, and a top, a wireless charger and powerbank in one. The QUBE base holds a 5W wireless charger and the QUBE’s top holds a 10W fast wireless charger which is combined with a powerful battery pack. The QUBE top ‘powerbank’ will recharge when the base and top are fused together again. Making it possible to simultaneously charge your device on the top while recharging the powerbank itself. Both QUBE wireless chargers are powered by ZENS.

QUBE at the forefront of fashion asks for a different strategy

The internet era means increasing numbers of consumers shop online and it shopping directly with manufacturers and design houses is getting increasingly popular. Edo Melters, MANU’s online marketing specialist, says: “with QUBE we really want to reach out to the people who like to be at the forefront of fashion. This remarkable and innovative product also needs a new distribution policy. Instead of waiting for the interest of retailers, MANU is bringing QUBE to the consumer marketplace using the power of crowdfunding. This way, we can really involve all our end-users in the development process and offer them the opportunity to be one of the first to acquire this unique product at an affordable price. This helps MANU to establish the feasibility of QUBE in the most interesting and fun way.”

Follow MANU on their crowdfunding adventure for the MANU QUBE powered by ZENS or check out the video.

About MANU

MANU is a Dutch brand with a soul. The MANU collection consists of items for your home and office, carefully and thoughtfully crafted to bring out the best of design and convenience in an own signature style. From wireless charging stations to handy organizers, MANU provides your beloved gear with a new favorite place to rest and recharge.

About ZENS

ZENS is your innovative wireless charging expert, dedicated to developing state-of-the-art wireless charging solutions. Located at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, innovation heart of the Netherlands and one of Europe’s most prominent high-tech centers. From this ever inspirational environment, ZENS offers a wide range of wireless charging solutions for both consumers and businesses across all industries.