Find your colleagues

The power to locate people

PwC is a global network of firms delivering world-class consulting services. Their office in Oslo uses Zens intelligent wireless charging iBeacon technology to enable workers to quickly and easily find their checked-in colleagues – simply by checking their smartphones. A sensor integrated in the smart chargers (PuK IoT) gathers real-time data from every workspace and connects seamlessly to an app, so that colleagues can find each other, even in the largest of offices.

Connected & counting

PwC Oslo has 850 desks fitted with Zens intelligent wireless charging technology (with PuK iBeacon). Office workers simply consult their app and it will tell them exactly where their colleague or team member is sitting. An unlimited amount of smart desks can be added and all data can either be incorporated in smart building platforms by API or viewed on the app.

Pinpointed floor plan

The app enables office workers to view a floor map of the office. For a fellow worker to be found they need to check-in on a workspace by tapping their smartphone on the PuK charger. Participation is optional and every individual can choose if they want to be found by their colleagues. This smart solution is compliant to GDPR and privacy legislation.

Do you want to find your colleagues in your office?

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