Freedom to charge on the move

With Zens seamlessly integrated into your cars, trains, buses, trams, planes and ferries, you’re the ultimate mobile charger. Liberating the world and enabling everyone the freedom to move around and explore without running out of battery. Zens offer a range of custom development and engineering services, so your travellers can stay connected.


Our PuK chargers can either be visible or seamlessly integrated sub-surface into furniture, seats and consoles so you don’t even see them. Together, we can empower everyone to charge faster, safer, smarter and more efficiently with Zens integrated wireless technology.

Customised charging solutions

Zens’ team of specialist engineers develop cutting-edge, customised wireless charging solutions. Designing custom architectures takes a systematic approach. After organising, structuring and mapping specific technical requirements, a custom design is used to develop an application, designed to meet your specific needs.

We can charge your business

Zens is your innovative wireless charging expert. Located at the heart of one of Europe’s most prominent high-tech centres, we develop state-of-the-art wireless charging innovations designed to empower your customers and make their lives easier.

Wireless charging in your vehicles?

Please get in touch and we will inform you about our wireless charging solutions for transport