Freedom to liberate everyone

With Zens wireless charging, we are free of messy wires, multiple chargers and overloaded sockets. Liberate your customers and their devices. Give them the freedom to stay connected and wirelessly charged at home, at the office and on the go.

“Just drop your phone or earbuds anywhere on the pad, and they’ll charge, thanks to the 16 charging coils inside. There’s no moving things around to make sure the coils are lined up, no sliding your phone up and down, no anxious glances to see if the charging indicator goes on. It works the way wireless charging should always work”

Chaim Gartenberg The Verge May 5, 2020

‘’The Zens Liberty charger quickly replaced my previous Belkin Qi mat next to my bed. ZENS’ promise of “freedom of placement” on the mat turned out to be entirely accurate. This is a solid ‌AirPower‌ alternative that provides dependable wireless charging to any two Qi-compatible devices.’’

Mitchel Broussard MacRumors January 17, 2020

‘’We’ve been adjusting to the newfound freedom we have when plopping our devices down. The Liberty has ruined other chargers for us. ZENS is leading the way with its forward-thinking Liberty charger.’’

Andrew O’Hara Appleinsider January, 2020

“The Liberty is a technological work of art. The glass version reveals the 16 overlapping wire coils inside that give users the freedom to place their wireless charging devices anywhere”

Andrew Liszewsk Gizmodo August 5, 2020

“The Zens Liberty makes good on the true promise of wireless charging, which is convenience and flexibility. And it’s well-designed and aesthetically attractive, in both the fabric-covered and striking transparent glass designs”

Darrell Etherington Techcrunch January 3, 2020

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