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Technology to empower people

VodafoneZiggo use Zens integrated wireless charging technology throughout their headquarters in Utrecht, to gain valuable insights into real-time occupancy levels and to reduce costs. A smart sensor integrated in the charger (PuK IoT) gathers data from every workspace and collates insights on capacity levels.

Management can then simply block-out specific areas or floors that aren’t being used to save on heating, lighting, maintenance and cleaning costs. While office workers looking for a free desk can see exactly which ones are available and save time searching.

Reserve a workspace

Smart people reserve smart desks. At VodafoneZiggo 1100 desks have Zens intelligent wireless charging technology (with PuK iBeacon) built-in. Using a portal or app, an office worker can quickly and easily reserve their favourite workspace. The charger’s LED-ring will turn orange, so colleagues can see that it is reserved. An unlimited amount of smart desks can be added.

All data gathered is transferred to VodafoneZiggo who use it in their own smart office platform.

Staying charged & connected

VodafoneZiggo staff never run out of battery. With Zens wireless chargers seamlessly built into 1100 desks, workers can keep their smartphone fully charged simply by placing it on the PuK. It’s that simple.

Fully charged wirelessly, while you work. No messy wires or annoying cables getting in the way. Just intuitive, user-friendly, convenient technology.

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