Zens Powers the Future of Office, Restaurant, Hotel and Home by Transforming Any Piece of Furniture into a Wireless Charging Spot

News | 16th januari 2023

Integrated wireless charging takes user convenience to the next level, making messy cables a thing of the past

Eindhoven, the Netherlands (January 16th 2023)Zens, a Dutch innovative company, focusing on the development and manufacturing of wireless charging solutions, has revolutionised the functionality of everyday furniture for office environments, restaurants, hotels, public transportation and homes with the recent introduction of six built-in wireless chargers. As access to wireless charging has become the expected standard from consumers, these solutions enable businesses to provide a simple and powerful convenience to their customers by incorporating them into desks, dining tables, nightstands, kitchen counters and other furniture in public and private spaces.

The latest innovations from Zens push the boundaries of wireless charging and continue to improve everyday living through advancements in technology coupled with clean, modern designs.

“In today’s extremely connected world, people require the convenience of charging their devices wherever they are.’’ said Zens CEO Johan Plasmans. “Our designs allow businesses to create a customer centered differentiator as part of their experience that can power consumer buying decisions.

Now a charger is one less thing people have to worry about bringing to the office or co-working space. Restaurants and cafés are able to heighten the customer experience if their table also serves as a wireless charging station. And when traveling, no need to worry about dragging chords or country specific adapters along because a nightstand in the hotel will now wirelessly charge your phone. With almost every smartphone being compatible with Qi, the universal standard for wireless charging, Zens can transform any surface into a wireless charging spot.”

More and more businesses are taking advantage of this design integration offering universal power as a service, and embracing an innovative image.

Zens wireless chargers are integrated in the prestigious 5-star Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. This 55-storey landmark of modern sophistication is Asia’s most iconic destination for chic city-stays. By integrating Zens wireless charging in all hotel rooms, meeting rooms and the casino, Marina Bay Sands offers the greatest level of service and comfort to their guests.

At several Deloitte offices, including world’s most innovative and sustainable office building “The Edge” in Amsterdam, Zens wireless charging is integrated in every desk. This makes it easy to move around to meetings without worrying about losing battery power on devices that keep people connected.

By integrating wireless chargers into tables in their restaurants across Europe and the United States, McDonald’s turns them into power sources. People can charge their devices while enjoying a bite and they often stay a bit longer for just that extra battery boost.

Zens offers a broad assortment of different wireless charging solutions, varying from ultra-luxury to basic and from single to multi chargers, all sharing the newest technology and a modern design.

Liberty Built-In Glass & Liberty Built-In Solid White
The 4-in-1 Zens Liberty Built-In wireless charger provides ultimate freedom of placement making wireless charging even more convenient and truly effortless. The see-through tempered glass surface reveals the inside technology, giving a luxurious and inspiring look and feel. It is the ideal charging solution for in a premium hotel room or luxury suite, allowing guests to charge up to four devices simultaneously.

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Liberty Built In Glass Lifestyle

The Liberty Built-In Solid White blends almost invisible with most office furniture and kitchens. In addition to the wireless charging option for two devices, the Liberty Built-In’s feature both a built-in USB-A and USB-C port to charge up to four devices.


PuK Combi USB-C PD & Zens PuK Combi
The Zens PuK Combi enables the user to charge multiple devices simultaneously, including a laptop, tablet, smartphone or headphones without the need for bulky power strips. This integrated charging solution combines wireless charging with a standard power socket or double USB-C port. It can be visibly integrated into an office desk or meeting room allowing users to tap into the power for their devices, without unnecessary cables and adapters that typically leave an office looking cluttered and unorganized.

The Zens PuK Combi is available in two models. With USB-C port or standard power socket and comes with an integrated Qi wireless charger. With these variations, Zens has the perfect combination for all kind of environments, depending on the user’s preferences.


Puk & Play Built-in wireless charger 10- & 15-watt output
The Puk & Play Built-in wireless charger is a unique, ultra-thin, wireless charger designed to provide a simple wireless power source that is easy to install and convenient across multiple spaces. This best-in-class wireless charger features a minimalistic design and is regarded as the thinnest (only 5 mm) built-in wireless charger available. The installation is simple, requiring the user only to drill a small 9 mm hole for perfect and seamless installation with minimal changes to the furniture. The Zens Built-in wireless charger is available in 10 and 15 watt and is supplied with an adapter (US/EU/UK) and a two meter / 79-inch-long cable.


About Zens
We are innovators. Inspirers. Pioneers. We’ve been pushing the boundaries of wireless charging since 2011. We are dedicated, passionate specialists who believe in the power of wireless. Our mission is to empower everyone to connect & charge easily and everywhere. With wireless charging from Zens, you can experience ultimate freedom. At home, in the office and on the road. Located at Brainport Eindhoven in the Netherlands, home to some of the world’s most trusted technology experts, thinkers, doers and collaborating minds. Zens’ range of innovative wireless chargers is packed with cutting-edge technology and designed for both consumers and businesses, empowering people to improve the way they live. Zens – empowering freedom.

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