Wireless Charging Solutions for Hospitality

Making wireless charging hotspots available for customers is the new service standard within the hospitality sector

It takes an ongoing effort for entrepreneurs to offer customers the very best services possible. The composition of their audiences vary on a daily basis. Traditional values, for example acquiring a top location, will continue to benefit the hospitality sector, but younger generations seek different experiences as well.

Leisure time and disposable income are key factors in this multi billionaire industry. In restaurants or theme parks, or at events, hospitals, schools, shops, offices and conferences.

Through social media and corporate apps, companies are able to interact with their audiences and increase engagement. Organizations that put authenticity, professionalism, and the actual care for the happiness and welfare of their customers at the center of their services get a clear competitive advantage.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y, a target group born between 1980 and 2000) form the largest portion of the global population. They have a strong technical DIY mentality that needs to be taken into consideration. Unlike previous generations, Millennials do not think human, person-to-person service to be as important. Instead, they value socially responsible brands. They are community oriented and technology savvy; they value technologies that enhance their lives.

Wireless charging solutions for hospitality – Smart

Indispensable smart technologies

Travellers, whether tourists or businessmen, enjoy personalized digital services in every environment. We are accustomed to the use of smart interfaces, and again, a strong technical Do-It-Yourself mentality is very common.

We don’t go anywhere without smartphones and during longer travels we carry our tablets and laptops with us as well.

Restaurant owners risk to lose customers if they don’t offer free Wi-Fi. We book rooms through smartphone apps, at hotels where lobbies are transformed into attractive business centers.

Employees, executives and academics no longer work from traditional offices. As location-independent workers, they can rent-a-desk at user friendly co-working spaces where they enjoy working ‘Alone Together.’

Wireless charging solutions for hospitality – Simple

The perfect ambiance

Residencies across the hospitality sector offer digital facilities that satisfy customers. When your clientele feels more comfortable, potential increase in revenue is possible.

Millennials are used to high-end standards and want easy-access to information technology. At hotels and motels, more and more travelers rather check in online than doing so the traditional way.

Interiors in coffee bars are accommodated with designer chairs and tables to create a contemporary and cozy feel. Luxurious hotel suites are peacefully decorated with soft seating couches, bedside tables and lamps to satisfy every need. Unique and durable furniture makes interiors stand out even more when equipped with foolproof wireless charging solutions for hospitality.

Wireless charging solutions for hospitality – Fast

Innovating wireless energy – efficient, durable and safe

Speed is a main requirement when it comes to connectivity. Mobile devices are everywhere and so are wireless open internet and Wi-Fi. Nowadays, most wireless charging solutions are just as, or even more efficient than wired charging. Inductive charging automatically stops when the device is fully charged, a technique that isn’t available in 99 percent of the currently available adapters.

The latest Qi certified wireless chargers can deliver higher power levels (up to 15W) to compatible receivers, resulting into significantly faster charging times. Batteries require to be powered up at any place and time, efficient and sustainable fast wireless charging has become a basic need.

Masses of power cords will no longer be necessary

Today, one person has multiple devices with wired adapters. Cutting the cord will reduce the amount of waste substantially.

Investing in expensive rebated wired (UK-US-EU) sockets is no longer needed. It doesn’t matter where your customers come from, international organizations don’t need to equip offices, desks and tables with all kinds of expensive plugs and sockets anymore.

Wireless Charging McDonald's

Zens wireless charging at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is rightfully aware of the necessary infrastructural refurbishment and renovation of its restaurant chain. Everyday McDonald’s restaurants are populated by millions of people and their mobile devices, so it’s logical for a company of this magnitude to provide each table with invisible power sources.

While you eat your burger, fries and salad, your smartphone is fed with wireless electricity.

McDonald’s restaurants across Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and The United States are already equipped with wireless charging hotspots. Zens is expanding that number even further by installing tables with wireless charging technology.


Wireless charging furniture solution: The Zens PuK Family

We offer several options to create a wireless charging solution with the PuK

Visible Hotspot


PuK Visible


Invisible Hotspot


PuK Invisible

Check out our PuK product range >


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We know for many people wireless charging is a rather new topic. To make wireless charging hotspots available for everyone to enjoy, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

If you’re thinking about applying the technology to your business environment, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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